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BlackButler is a Japanese manga film based on a young boy who vends hissoul to the demon. The boy’s motive was to avenge the death of hisfamily. In the process, he would be head of their toy manufacturingorganization that was quite influential. The demon portrayed as abutler serves and protects the boy whenever summoned.

VampireD, on the other hand, is a film based on a little girl who iscaptured by a vampire. A hunter is then tasked with bringing the girlback home. In a distant future, paranormal beings are controlling theearth. A lovely young lady, Doris, is bitten by Magnus Lee forinvading his territory. She is also threatened in the process.Dreading that she would be in control of the Count, the lady offersherself to “D” who is a vampire hunter. The hunter is tasked withhunting down and destroying Count to end his thirstiness. In theprocess, Doris would be saved from everlasting damnation.

Thispaper will provide an in-depth comparison of the two series. Thoughboth may be having different aims or rather meanings, they are bothbased on supernatural events. One is founded on the presence ofdemons whereas the other illustrates the vampires. Therefore, thispaper will compare the themes entailed in both films and otherstylistic approaches entailed in them.

Bothmovies are gothic. They seek to take the viewer into an imaginaryworld. In one film, vampires are the rulers while in another a demonguides the boy. In the futuristic view of vampire D, the world isruled by these creatures and their aim is to multiply. As it iscommon with most films, zombies reproduce by biting an unconvertedperson. The same is replicated in this case when the vampire bitesDoris. As depicted in black butler, demons are present in the currentworld all having different forms. In this case, it is portrayed as aservant. In that respect, the above films are gothic in nature. Theytry to illustrate the supernatural beings present among mortal beingsand how they control people.

Themost resounding theme in black butler evidently displays that thereis a problem of compromising morality on the basis of faith andrelations to others. Though certain aspects of the film might behighly overstated, it conveys the notion of how individuals felt whenbeing advanced by societal occurrences. In addition to that, itportrays how they undertook their daily lives by forcefully avoidingtemptations. Basically, they avoided dancing to the devil`s tunes.Sometimes the thought of possessing a demon butler who isquick-witted, charming, and very sharp can be enticing. Some peopledream of having such demons to assist them in individual matters. Thesame theme can be envisioned in Vampire Hunter D. The thought ofhaving a hunter who could fight against evil deeds within the societyis quite enticing. One may query why in a society filled with stablemorality systems people still indulge in the occult. Therefore, bothfilms rightly illustrate the reliance on occults to fight against orfor rights within the society.

VampireD is a true depiction of the current world. It can symbolicallyillustrate how people spend their time running from inhuman behaviorsor rather supernatural beings. Based on humans who spend most oftheir time running away from vicious vampires as well as otherdemonic creatures, the series typically correlates to people in thecurrent globe who try to evade the same. One core difference betweenthe two films is the depiction of demons. While the young boy inblack butler seeks assistance from the demon, Doris and her communitytry to outrun them. The demon is portrayed as helpful in one film anddestructive in the other. However, in both cases, skilledsupernatural beings are involved in maintaining equilibrium.

Thedependence on supernatural beings is quite evident in the two films.It typifies the current globe where people have the propensity ofrelying on supernatural creatures or beliefs. It is hard to find acommunity without supernatural beliefs either impacting positively ornegatively to them. The deals mainly emanate from desperation. Cielmakes a deal with the demon to seek revenge. On the other hand, Dorismakes a deal with the hunter to find redemption. Both surrenderthemselves to supernatural beings for assistance. Even in the currentglobe, people surrender themselves to aspects deemed as greater thanhumanity. Examples include black magic for cure, richness, orpromotion among others. The two films portray supernatural beings aspowerful. They can control the simple aspects humans cannot. In thesame measure, some communities believe black magic can controlaspects that mortal beings cannot. However, the success of thesefacets cannot be clearly established. It has not deterred populationsfrom indulging in the same. In the Victorian-era, various ills werequite common. Just like in the current world, individuals vend theirsouls to demons to either perform these ills or counter them.Therefore, the two movies depict the different aspects ofsupernatural beings and their impact on humans.


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