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Iam recommending the person mentioned above for a position in yourfirefighting department. In the past four years, I have worked withLuke I have grown fond of him because of his staunch character. Hisattitude to always be ready and committed to serving people withoutboundaries has won him a spot in the heart of many colleagues he hasworked with, and it is my hope that you will also share a joy in yourfire department by having him in your team.

Hehas been an inspiration and strong member that shall be missed andwho is always welcomed in this firefighting department. What makesLuke special is his level of discipline that he exhibits, which makeshim be trusted and work under no supervision. His level of criticalthinking in a stressful situation is another aspect that I haveappreciated and one that I will miss above his readiness to learn andequip himself with new knowledge.

Heunderstands the needs of this job that is why in his endeavor he hasnot only acquired the necessary academic qualification but also keepshimself physically fit through performing various exercises. This hasenabled him always to face the bull by its horns.

Thus,his ability to be a team player, a critical thinker, diligent andobjective in this organization is what makes me confident in Luke’sability to be an exceptional firefighter anywhere. I believe thatLuke’s qualification is not only restricted to papers but also hisexcellent character which makes him a perfect candidate for theposition he is applying for. Thus I recommend him.



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