Reasons for Joining Pathway Energy Program

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Reasonsfor Joining Pathway Energy Program

Reasonsfor Joining Pathway Energy Program

Ihave always hoped that this moment would come when I would get achance to join Energy Pathway Program owing to my interest in processtechnology and passion in career related to industrial developmentsector. I have experience in mining sector and being keen onunderstanding important policies and aspects that safeguard employeesin this sector, I have familiarized myself with Mining Safety andHealth Standard (MSHS). I regularly go through industrial journals inthis area and I am keen on major developments affecting the sector.In addition, I have gone through Occupational Safety and Healthadministration (OSHA) legislations and I am always updated on anychanges taking place. My knowledge in this area has increased mydesire to be adequately trained in a reputable institution to ensurethat while working in my area of interest, I do not pose any threatto other people’s safety as well as mine.

Ihave faith that I am an ideal candidate for the program since Ibelieve in hard work and determination. I understand that the programis thorough and require adequate effort for a person to succeed.Having worked hard in other areas of life, I am totally fit for theprogram and confident that I possess what it takes to become atechnician in process technology program. I can work for many hourswith minimum supervision.

Overthe last few years, a number of my supervisors in places I worked fornoted that I am a fast learner and adapt easily to unfamiliarcircumstances. The advice I got prompted me to conduct my researchabout this program and was very interested when I finally found aplace I could horn my skills and upgrade my career objectives.I believe that if I secure a chance under this program, I will learnas much as possible and emerge among the best candidates. My abilityto learn quickly helps me to work perfectly in a team.

Theprogram requires application of hands skills and ability to operatepower tools. I am perfectly capable of using many hand tools and haveinterest in operating machinery and power tools. Having used some ofthese tools in the past without any formal education places me at abetter chance of understanding how the tools can be applied moreproductively and efficiently. I will also get a chance to identifymistakes and hence room for improvement. Moreover, employers on theground require a person with both technical know how and formaleducation. To boost my chances of securing better employment, thecourse would be very helpful. I am also convinced that handling tasksin a professional way require more than just talent and ability. Thisprogram is crucial in developing professional conduct that I desireto acquire.

Finally,the nature of the career I wish to pursue require application of boththe ability to use hands and to think critically. My ability to thinkcritically is evidenced by some difficult situations that I faced inmy work and still sailed through and achieved the desired goal. Forinstance, I once averted an accident that would have been devastatingto my colleagues when I saw sparks in a power station by quicklyhelping in evacuation of people who were locked in a room. I believethat my ability to think critically is one of the strengths that makeme fit for this program.

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