Question 1

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First, Last name, MI 401 PID Assignment week 6, 14 August 2016

I think the social media is a powerful tool forin influencing change because of three reasons. One is itsfunctionality of being a mass media communication tool. Peoplecommunicate in masses more than any other medium. To advance change,a post with revolutionary idea in social media has the ability ofbeing read by anyone in the world and influences their thinking. Thesecond reason is the feature of social media being interlinked withthe conventional communication tools. A revolutionary idea posted insocial media and get shared by Televisions, Radios and Newspapers.The third and the most aggressive is the trendy aspect of socialmedia, where an idea forms a trend. It only takes a few people tostart a trend that influence change.

Question 2

Personally, I have seen and experienced peopleusing social media for prococial change, even though in a smallermargin. In China mainland, social media is sanctioned but it isactive and not restricted in Hong Kong. I have a friend who was partof a trend that advocated for social change. At one time, they got aclaim that a local state officer was serving people while drunk. Atrend started with Facebook posts and pictures to get a local officerget demoted of his position because of his drinking. He told me thathis friends shared the posts and talked about it in college, and thetrend kept going. Within few days, the officer had been suspended.This was a good way of using social media for prosocial change.

Question 3

Slacktivism is significant because ofpersonalized profiles, but many times such changes are notaccompanied by changes such as in personality. I think slacktivism isa process which is driven by emotional or psychological factorsemanating from individual’s internal needs such as of personaldevelopment. Therefore, many individuals in social media who engagein slacktivism will likely little or no character or behavioralchanges. This in essence means that slacktivism has minute chances ofimpacting any changes towards an individual’s personalcompositions. However, due to Slacktivism changes, individuals willbe propelled to live up as to them.

Question 4

In my opinion Prot et al article is accurate onlong term effects on social media use to empathy and in helpingbehaviors. Individuals tend to be influenced by emotions or helpingbehaviors of other social media users. There is typically a sharedfeeling that is normally of mutual understanding between social mediausers of a particular category. It is important to note thatindividuals are more likely to have shared attributes such as in age,profession, level of employment, level of education, location as wellas gender. All these attributes make specific category of individualsto have common ground on many issues such as those expressed throughhelping behaviors and in empathy. They will tend to to have sharedpsychological needs.

Question 5

I believe that hackivism is a social mediaactivity that is mainly aimed at prying into private information ordata among other social media use. It is a practice that is oftenenjoyed by individuals who want have negative psychologicalfulfillment such as exposing other social media users for fame or egoboosting. This is a form of prosocial activity as it can be addictiveand individuals tend to engage in it for long periods of time. Thismeans that there are negative impacts to long term users socially.

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