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Running head: PSYCHOLOGY

Understandingdiversity is subject to the interpretation of the differences thatexist among the humans, accommodating and appreciating them in theinterest of promoting the ideals of family. The Utopian familysupports the democratization of the affairs of a family (Brenner andHaaken, 2000). Utopianism creates a desire for human perfection,which in actualization is not the real form of human existence. Inthis essay, I describe the Utopian ideals that support theintegration and peaceful coexistence of members of a family, definingfamily and appreciating it as a significant component of thecommunity.

Thefamily has acquired a myriad of definitions in the modern era and asopposed to what was ideally a family (nuclear family), the definitionnow covers many existing situations. Notably, a family now comprisesa single parent family and gay families. In the Utopian traditions,therefore, such families as constituted enjoy liberalism, causingmore freedom and space within the household. Women just like menprovide income and are responsible for caregiving within theirfamilies. The family has become the only haven in an uncaring world.It is the set up that members could fall back for emotional andfinancial support. It remains the only place people can visualizenon-contractual relationships and the right to have one’s needsrealized. The ideology propounds that family is not about dominationbut the bonding that arises from the genuine caring for one anotherand the show of concern for persons with the same blood ties and whohave shared a suffering and celebration (Brenner and Haaken, 2000).

Inconclusion, embracing the diversity that exists in a family expressestogetherness and harmony in perfect relationships. Utopian traditionsfoster the oneness that is an outcome of the diversity within thehousehold. The differences are of thought, ideology, physicalformation, disability, gender, age and the generational disparity(Brenner and Haaken, 2000). Huxley in his book Brave New Worldforetold of an era that the human differences would bringtogetherness and create a better society. It is reflecting on whatUtopianism has achieved over the years, forming a more liberal worldand a people freer to pursue their courses.


Brenner,J., &amp Haaken, J. (2000). Utopian thought: re-visioning gender,family, and community. Community,Work &amp Family,3(3),333-347.

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