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ProjectProposal: ElectronicHR System

Accordingto Bechet(2011), thecurrent age represents an era in which people face the dilemma abouttechnology and traditions where electronic Human Resource Managementprocess has gained popularity in many leading organizations. Thesystem is cost efficient, and it works productively. Today, the humanresource field is highly influenced by the international environmentfactors such as talent competition, changes in the attitudes and thecomposition of the workforce, improving working relations andtechnological developments (Boroughs,Palmer &amp Hunter, 2012).This paper is a project proposal for the modernization of the Madisonprimary care, via the installation of an electronic HR system. Thecare unit comprises of two doctors and five other workers.

Theimplementation of an electronic Human Resource management systemwould enhance online scheduling of the staff activities, and henceoptimization of procedures (Bechet,2011).After installing the system, the Human Resource processes would beconducted quickly and efficiently. As a result, the system would savea lot of time and revenue and reduce the administrative constraint.Therefore, the electronic Human Resource system will increase theorganizational efficiency as it enhances the management abilities.Formation of an electronic Human Resource system is a significantleap towards achieving the standards set out by the Health InsuranceProbability and Accountability Act (Boroughs,Palmer &amp Hunter, 2012).

Toestimate the cost of the electronic human resource system, theinstitution should consider several requirements and expenses such asthe hardware components, the software, training, implementationassistance, recurring costs and the maintenance fee. Some studiesestimate the cost of buying and installing the system to range fromfifteen thousand to seventy thousand dollars depending on whether theprogram is an onsite or a web-based deployment (Vogelsang,2013).On average, the project may take up to a year before completion.


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