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Projectmanagement term paper on making a music video

Aproject can be defined as a task aimed at generating a unique productor service. The procedure in project management requires that theproject manager gives a proposal to the party funding it forconsideration (James,2012).The basic challenge in the management of a music project is toachieve the objectives of the organization under the numerousconstraints. These constraints include the scope, time, the qualityof the output, and the budget. The greatest of all challenges,however, is how to strike an optimum resource allocation amid thescarcity of resources at your disposal (Hall-Cruz,2015)

Myproject choice for the term paper is a project management of a musicvideo. A music video project involves the development and therecording of a music video for the purpose of entertainment. Theproject will take six months, and will involve four people to see itthrough. The objective of this project is to have in place, a musicvideo that will go a long way in entertaining the music lovers. Theother objectives of the paper will be todefine the scope of a project, project charter, project plan, budget,and project schedule. The paper will also undertake a risk analysisof the project.

Themain purpose of this project is to produce a music video that will beable to entertain the lovers of music. In order to successfully carryout this project, the project manager will need to have four peoplein place that will ensure successful execution. The approximate costof the venture will be 200,000 dollars. The funds will be used forthe payment of personnel and buying of all the physical resourcesthat will be needed to execute it.

Theproject timeline

Aproject timeline is a tool that shows the execution schedulebeginning day one to the last day. The need to have a projecttimeline for my music video is that it enables me to stickeffectively to the schedule for a successful completion. It isimportant to note that time is a very critical factor as far asproject management is concerned(Grantspace, 2016).This is because the music industry is very dynamic and as such, anydelays in rolling out a project might render it obsolete. It is forthis reason that the table below shows the timeline of my music videoproject.

Project Milestones


First meeting with the team

27th August to 20th September 2016

Research is done

21st September to 25th October 2016

Preparing interim report

26th October to 28th November 2016

Finalizing of the final draft project

29th November to 29th December 2016

Editing the final draft project

30th December to 30th January 2017

Presenting final project

31st January 2017

Theproject budget

Thesuccess of any project depends on the ability of the project managerto gather enough resources that will ensure success. A budget is atool that gives an outline of how the owners aim to raise funds andhow they intend to use the funds. The budget gives the breakdown ofhow much each item will cost.The most important thing one can do to organize for the six months ofthe project development is the preparation of a budget(Grantspace, 2016).Having a budget in place will go a long way in giving the projectmanager a much clearer look at the financial insight into how muchmoney is needed and how it will be spent. The following tablepresents the music video project budget.



Recording expenses (Studio fee, drum AMP, microphone and Phase, Recording tape, Equipment rental, Cartage and Transportation, accommodation while in the studio, Catering, Mastering, Tape copies, reference CDs, shipping tapes, miscellaneous expenses.

60,000 dollars

Video expenses (Cameras, crew: Processing and transfers Off-line, On-line editing, Catering, Stage and construction, Copies, couriers, transportation, Director`s fee)

50,000 dollars

Promotional expenses (album artwork, promotional photo shoots, and duplication)

30,000 dollars

Tour expenses (bus, crew, food and the per diems, fuel, consumable items, wardrobe, promotion, manager’s fee, agency fee)

50,000 dollars

Payment of player

10,000 dollars

Total expenses

200,000 dollars

Theproject manager aims to raise the $200,000 through a grant from theparty funding the venture. Upon the approval of the project, it isthe hope of the project manager that the party funding it isconvinced that the endeavor is going to be a success. Having gonethorough research, the project manager is convinced that the musicvideo project is going to be viable and worth investing in. Themanager is also made to believe that the viewers of the music videoare going to enjoy.


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