Policy Violation

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Academicintegrity is used in reference to the moral program or policies thatregulate the field of academics. Cheating in exams and submittingplagiarized work fall under violation of the set policies in academicinstitutions. Students should maintain the set standards whenresearching and even publishing their scholarly works. From thearticle, it dawned on me that the aspects mentioned were bound toarise in my academic journey. I also realized that violation of theset policies has detrimental impact not only on the quality ofgraduate school education but also to the career lives of thegraduates.

Thelikelihood of experiencing these malpractices in my graduate academiclife is high. Submitting researched tasks is a common feature at thislevel. In case I submit an assignment bearing another person`s wordsor information without acknowledging them my work will be termed asplagiarized. Plagiarism may also arise in case I decide to hire aghostwriter to work on my paper, fake citations, and paraphrase usingmisappropriated sources, copying directly from other sources, ordownloading electronic materials.

Inthe graduate school, policy violations largely prevent lecturers fromgiving appropriate feedback to the students. The validity of measurestaken towards the learning process has been undermined since thelecturers are not able to detect the weaknesses of the students dueto cheating. In the long run, the students are hurt as teachers failto put up measures to deal with the weaknesses thus, undermining thepurpose of graduate school.

Italso directly affects the learning process which is the core purposeof graduate school. Students are always sure of either copyingassignments or hiring others to write for them hence no need tolearn. It is, therefore, necessary for institutions to remain firmto curb this vice and restore sanity in the institutions.

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