Policemen of the World

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Part 1

Military involvement of the United States in other parts of theworld, especially in the Middle East, is one of the mostcontroversial foreign policies. While some people have been opposedto it, others have argued for increased presence of American forcesin politically unstable regions or countries. Recently, theAmerican-led interventions in Iraq and Syria have attracted divergentpolitical, social and economic opinions and views in the society(Bacevich, 2016).

Part 2

  1. The military engagements by the United States in Iraq and Syria in the recent past are associated with the abandonment of the isolationist foreign policies which began in the early 20th century. The Fourteen Points by President Woodrow Wilson marked the beginning of the desire of the country to protect its interests beyond the Americans. This resulted in increased involvement in global affairs (Hastedt, 2015).

  2. Three important historical factors, since the Civil War era, have led to the rise of United States to a superpower status. They include rapid industrialization, social developments, and the role of America in the First and Second World Wars (Kennedy &amp Cohen, 2016).

  3. There are several incidences, since the Second World War, where the United States has assumed a global policing role. These include the interventions in the Korean War, the Gulf War, Somalia Civil War, Suez Crisis, and invasion of Grenada among others (Thompson, 2015).

  4. Several factors have influenced foreign policies that have resulted in the interventionist approach by the United States. They include peacekeeping missions under the United Nations, protecting American interest abroad, the fear of communism takeover, securing access to essential natural resources, and promoting democracy and the rule of law. These aspects have emphasized the role of the United States as a superpower and a global police (Thompson, 2015).


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