Police Pursuit

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Pursuitis the operation or the action of chasing something or someone.Therefore, police pursuit can be defined as the searching or huntingof a suspected law breaker by law enforcement officers. Policepursuits are considered as risky activities since more people areinjured and killed from the chase. As a result, two main factors aretaken into account during police pursuit. One of the factors is theseverity of the offense the suspect has committed and secondly is thedegree of the risk to the public considering traffic and roads amongothers. Consequently, it is important during police pursuit tobalance the need for police to be effective in arresting offendersand the requirement for them to observe public safety.

TheUse of UAVs

TheUAV is an abbreviation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which isconsidered to be more than a surveillance tool. The UAV is anaircraft that can operate or fly without a pilot on board.Additionally, the UAVs can be controlled by the use of a remote oreven fly based on pre-programmed flight plans. The UAVs are mainlyused in law enforcement since they provide an aerial viewpoint at alow cost compared to manned systems such as the use of helicopters.In law enforcements, UAVs can be used for various purposes such aslocating lost persons, reconstruction of accident or crime scenes,and enhancing officer’s safety in the police force. The mainobjective of using the UAVs is to offer guidance for law enforcementto obtain support and trust from the communities.

TheApplication of

Policepursuit is conducted based on the nature of the incident and on thefact that the whether the quest is a proportionate action or not. Itis the duty of the police officer to protect life and property of thepublic and this often results in the need for the police to apprehendoffenders. The use of police pursuit is mainly to apprehend andarrest the suspects if he flees after the police officer initiates anenforcement stop. In addition, police pursuit can be used asprotection of the public from the individuals escaping apprehensionor attempt to elude police. Most of the police pursuits involve thestop for a traffic violation and jail escape among others.

Useof Vehicle Pursuits by the Police

Althoughhigh speed police chase creates risk to the police, road users, andthe offenders, the forces should employ the use of vehicle pursuitsrather than letting the criminals go. The risk is created by theoffenders who decides to flee after violating the laws, but not thepolice officers who are undertaking their duties. The choice ofletting the criminals go gives them an opportunity to continueviolating the laws whenever they feel like doing so. As a result, itis wise to involve the use of vehicle pursuits, but only in casesthat do not create potential risks like property damages, injuries ordeaths of officers, suspects and the public.


Mostly,deaths and damages do result from police pursuits, but the number oflosses should not determine whether law enforcement departments allowcriminals to run rampant. This is for the fact that various factorscan result in some hazards like deaths in police pursuits. Lack oftraining and policies can increase risk of pursuit related injuries.Policy plays a vital role in determining whether these policeofficers should engage in a pursuit or not, since it focuses on thetype of offense and the risk it has to the public. Lastly, policetraining, which involves analysis of the specific risk factors andanalyzing the benefit of pursuit driving can help minimize probabledangers.

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