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dates several years back. The common feature between ancient andmodern poems is that they are memorable speeches. Poets have achallenge of making their poems memorable to the target audiences.Some support the use of fixed forms while others advocate freeverses. My opinion is that a memorable poem needs to be a formalverse. According to the readings, things like repetition, assonance,stress, and consonance aids memory, and speech. Use of these featuresin a poem makes it understandable to all audiences, as opposed to afree verse poem, which lack rhythm and rhyme making it lesspleasurable.

Manyaudiences value the sense of pleasure in poems. It mainly resultswhen a poet utilizes the formal but not the free verse format. Freeverses mainly belong to elites, for they lack the beat, essential tounderstanding a poem. It is, therefore, essential for poets to stickto the traditional ways of writing poems. They should observerepetition, alliteration, imagery, rhyme, and other techniques. Thisis because poems originated from oral tradition utilizing ofmnemonic devices such as word play and patterns of repetition, whichmakes it possible for an audience to remember a certain poem. Therules of writing a formal verse poem are also easy for any interestedaudience to learn.

Themain issue affecting free verse poems is the notion that they have norules or predetermined forms. Students think they can write freeverses by just writing an essay and breaking it into lines. The poetsneed to change this notion by ensuring their poems have properpunctuation, collaboration of vocabulary, and line break. Thoseutilizing free verses rebel against the use of fixed forms, termingit undemocratic. However, for a poem to be enjoyable, it has to bememorable, and free verse poems are difficult to memorize becausethey lack mnemonic devices, thus less enjoyable.


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Piercyin Barbie doll introducesthe theme of struggle for women. In the poem, the little girlstruggles throughout with an aim of meeting the society’sexpectation. Due to lack of appreciation, she commits suicide. Itindicates that the society heavily dictates how women are supposed tolive for them to be highly regarded. From a tender age, the communityexpects lasses to be perfect beauties, learn how to cook and iron(Piercy).

Similarly,Parker in the Generalreview of the sex situation emphasizeson the injustices that males perpetrate towards women. In the firststanza, she says, “Woman wants monogamy, man delights in novelty”(Parker). It indicates that she associates men with lack ofcommitment. She further emphasizes the need for women to be lovedwhen she says, “Love is a woman’s moon and sun” (Parker). Theauthor stresses that women are emotional and that love is a crucialcomponent in their typical day just like how the sun and moon graceday (Parker).

The theme of love is alsoconspicuous in the two literary works. Parker outlines that men haveother forms of love indicating that they rarely replicate the loyaltythey provide to women (Parker). Similarly, Marge in the second stanzaillustrates the girl’s positive characteristics. She is healthy,intelligent and with a strong frame. Despite all the positivequalities, the society views her negatively since she has fat legsand a big nose (Piercy). Marge criticizes women for becoming tooromantic since it makes them oblivious of their positive values. Theybecome preoccupied with trying to appease the society by looking goodand presentable. As Marge observes, the girl was busy apologizing toeveryone in an effort to gain appreciation. However, no matter howgood she tried, the society’s emphasis was on her thick legs andfat nose.

In conclusion, the two authors usetheir works to depict the injustices meted against women by thesociety. The social construction of behavior to which each gender isoriented to determines the values exhibited by men and women.However, the society’s expectation for women leaves them seekingappreciation and love while men enjoy freedom and aggressiveness.

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