Poetry response

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Tobegin with, it is crucial to understand that poetry is a way ofexpressing the state of a situation or a feeling to other people. Forthe message to be conveyed appropriately, the writer has to considerseveral factors. For instance, selection of a suitable image of thepoem is crucial for the readers to get the appropriate setting.Additionally, the use of proper English in a song is crucial thusthe poet has to make excellent use of idioms and dead metaphors sothat the readers can enjoy their poetry. Likewise, for the reader toget the message in the poem, the writer has to use the correct poeticvoice. Furthermore, the author is expected to use metaphors, idioms,and dead metaphors among others in the construction of their song forthem to describe the setting of the poem appropriately. In addition,poetic voice is crucial since it explains the mood of the poem to thereaders and it helps in catching maximum attention from them. Insummary, for a song to be well-understood by the readers, the writerhas to use appropriate language of poetry so that the correct messagecan be displayed to the readers. Being a writer requires varioustraits, for example, being greedy of suggestions and at the same timenot to defend them. If the above mentioned points are taken intoconsideration, then it is possible to write a good poem thatdescribes a certain event in a vivid way. It is difficult to followthe above mentioned points in a poem thus making it hard to write aperfect poem. Therefore, writer should be ready to take any critiquesfrom the readers and let them sink in. In conclusion, poetry is justanother way of describing an event or a situation to other people ina metaphorical way.

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