Physically Active Lifestyle Increase Human Lifespan

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PhysicallyActive Lifestyle Increase Human Lifespan

Manypeople are overweight because they embrace a sedentary lifestyle, andtheir occupations do not involve physical activities. In addition,improved food production technology has facilitated the availabilityof excess food. Furthermore, most of the value-added foods containhigh calories that lead to numerous complications in the body.However, an active lifestyle can help to overcome a majority oflifestyle diseases such as stroke, obesity, hypertension and cardiacarrest among others. A physically active lifestyle can extend anindividual’s lifespan as it prevents the development of heartdiseases, helps in shedding excess weight, relieves canceroussymptoms and reduces vulnerability to diabetes mellitus.

Physicalexercises improve cardiorespiratory fitness. Bhatnagar et al. (2015)provide that cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause ofdeaths in the western countries. The researchers further indicatethat 30% of demises worldwide were attributed to CVD complications.Nevertheless, an active lifestyle can drastically increase thelifespan of an individual as it minimizes susceptibility to heartfailure risk factors such as stroke, diabetes mellitus, obesity andperipheral artery diseases, just to mention a few. Physical activityalso increases calorie use, which, in turn, rids the body of excessfats that compromises heart performance. As a result, vigorous dailylife increases the lifespan through lowering the risk of individualsdying prematurely due to CVD-related sicknesses.

Obeseis another lifestyle condition characterized by surplus fats in thebody. The overweight people are highly susceptible to lifestylediseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Both high bloodpressure and diabetes are major causes of premature deaths amongadults and adolescents. Alkhatib (2016) argues that stout individualsare more vulnerable to the diseases than individuals with a healthyweight are. On the other hand, maintaining desirable weight requiresadopting an active lifestyle that can rid the body of excesscalories. Physical activities such as resistance training (forimproving muscle strength) and aerobic exercises ensures the internalbody organs are in perfect working conditions, and can adequatelyresist the development of cardiac diseases that shortens humanlifespan.

Canceris another chronic illness that causes the deaths of numerousaffected victims. However, exercise can extend the life of thepatients because it helps to suppress some side effects associatedwith the illness (Alkhatib, 2016). The level of exercises determinesthe l efficiency that an individual can withstand when he or she isstill under cancer treatment.

Forpatients with asthma, exercises help in relieving chronicinflammation and decongestion of lungs. Although workouts mayescalate asthma symptoms, it is highly effective when done correctly.For example, swimming in the non-chlorinated water, jogging andcycling are some apposite exercises the patients can follow tolengthen their lifespan (Alkhatib, 2016).

Inconclusion, an active lifestyle increases human lifespan throughimproving blood flow. A good blood flow can combat hypertensionadequately. Physical exercises also suppress lung inflammation andcongestion in patients with asthma. It is also notable that an activelifestyle helps in burning calories fast, therefore, helping peopleto lengthen their lifespan through overcoming common diseases thatoriginate from having excess weight.


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