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PersonalWorldview Inventory



Spiritualityhas been an important concept in different areas such as religion,care, parenting, and psychology. Thus, it identifies with variedfields since it helps in reshaping man to an image desired by God.The purpose of this report is to delve the issue of spirituality.Also, the concepts of scientism, pluralism, and postmodernism will beaddressed.


Accordingto Hyson (2013), spirituality differs from religion. He argues thatit is feasible to have spirituality without religion, but difficultto have a belief system without spirituality. Thus, spirituality canbe seen as an innate desire to bond with something bigger than aperson’s experience. Also, it can be considered as an inner desireto connect with a superior being, especially for sacred reasons.Furthermore, it can be acknowledged as the search towards recognizinga person’s spiritual instincts.Therefore,the concept of spirituality can be associated with the urge to doaccording to the inner desires of an individual. According toPuchalski (2001), spirituality plays a critical role in health careas it enhances mortality, recovery, and coping.


Accordingto Blackford&amp Schüklenk(2013), scientism is the idea that scientific approach can beutilized in answering all questions, including issues that relate tovalues, meaning, and God’s existence. Thus, scientific knowledge isgiven the authority of interpreting all other forms when dealing withscientism (Blackford &amp Schüklenk,2013).


Pluralismis usually viewed in two dimensions. First, it is seen as a theorythat possesses the idea that reality is composed of a plurality ofthings while the second is perceived as the state of society wherediverse social groups maintain a self-directed participation andcreation of their traditional culture or unique interest within theconfinement of a common civilization (Kliot &amp Waterman, 2015).


Onthe other hand, postmodernism refers to a discrete shift in themanner that humanistic intellectuals perceive the relation of theircultural practices to society at large. The concept can be traced toaspects that heightened anxiety concerning things that affectintellectuals. Thus, people tend to depend on science in order toexplain reality. Postmodernism acknowledges that reality cannot bereflected in human knowledge, but can become realized as the mindattempt to understand its actual state and personal reality(Blackford &amp Schüklenk,2013). It focuses on the comparative reality of every individual.


Accordingto Sire (2011), prime reality can be perceived as to what seems validor something that has a true existence in the universe. In this case,God can be deemed to be the primary reality existing in the worldbecause He was in a position to bring all things into survival. Also,everything that is right in the globe can be associated with Him.Therefore, this category fits God well.

Naturerelates to what individuals encounter as part of their surroundings. It can also be viewed as something that humans cannot be in aposition to change since they do not possess the power to do so.Thus, nature can be perceived as what the creator has put in theworld so as to make human life better. Therefore, whateverindividuals encounter on a daily basis, in their surroundings,comprises the nature.

Inown view, a human being is what resulted in, following God’screation, which can be likened to Him. This means that individualsdeserve respect from other beings (Shelly &amp Miller, 2009).However, with postmodernism, this view has changed emanating from thedevelopment of complex systems. Thus, from postmodernism, a humanbeing can be seen as a apparatus that has the capacity of coming upwith innovations that would make life better to live.

Whena person dies, his/her soul becomes transformed. Following death, thesoul is believed to leave the body and it becomes spirit. Since thenewly transformed spirit cannot be seen, it ascends to heaven whereit is in a position to communicate with other spirits that left theworld earlier.

Ahuman being has been given the capacity to know things by God. Whenone is born, he/she has different abilities to know various thingseven without being told. Thus, it can be indicated that humans havethe potential to understand distinct things emanating from thenatural instincts that they possess. However, the environment thatpeople dwell in also plays a role in helping them know things.

Peoplehave the ability to make a decision concerning whether an action isright or wrong. The knowledge of differentiating between the twoactions is brought by the inner intuition that they possess as aresult of their experiences. However, some people have naturalinstincts of telling a right and a wrong act.

Thehistory of human is perceived as important since it helps to connectthe current issues with the past. It can be indicated that thehistory of human is profound and complex to fathom. Because of thenumerous things that people learn from the history of mankind, it canbe deemed to have a deeper meaning to the existence of individuals inthe future.

Inconclusion, through the analysis of the personal worldview concept,it can be noted that spirituality plays a critical role inunderstanding oneself and how a person relates to the outside world.However, scientism and postmodernism have a substantial part thatthey play in offering the worldview. Thus, it can be indicated thatall these aspects are significant to individuals when providing theirperceptions of the universe.


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