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It ispossible for a prenatal period that has developed without any notablecomplications to result to a complicated delivery (Califano, 2015).Delivery is a very nervous experience. Having developed complicationsduring the last two deliveries made me even more worried thanbefore. In the previous experiences, the midwife used, from time totime, to tell me how the labor was continuing. She could update byexamining whether my cervix had opened and the distance my baby haddropped. She always urged me to remain calm and relax as anxietycould make the process progress slowly. My narration is going tofocus on this experience. Though it was a terrifying one, my sonsurvived. I labeled him Rainbow baby to symbolize an end of a stormwith a beautiful rainbow that is seen in a sun-bright sky.


Learning thatI had a miscarriage really discouraged me. I eavesdropped this fromthe discussion that was going on in the emergency room among thedoctors on duty.

Iremember feeling the movement of my unborn baby in the womb. Myheartbeat, however, remained normal as the sonographer went on tocheck for abnormalities. I was hoping for a son since I had twobeautiful girls already. Unfortunately, from the look of things, thiswas not bound to happen. I started having excruciating cramps in mystomach. This raised the alarm, and I suspected that something waswrong. It was followed by a substantial amount of blood loss. As Iwas hurried to the hospital by an ambulance, I already had a formedopinion that I was likely going to receive terrible news. I struggledto figure out within my mind what had actually gone wrong.

Ipictured how I went for a pregnancy test five month after conceiving,and the results were positive. The outcomes, however, sparked a mixedreaction I was excited and sad at the same time. The excitement wasdue to the fact that I was gifted to have a baby. It was melted awaywhen I remembered the difficulties I went through during my previouspregnancies. Weeks after finding out that I was pregnant, I startednoticing some abnormal spotting. It was evident that I was going tohave a miscarriage again. I immediately contacted my obstetrician,and she suggested that I go in for an observation of the pregnancy.

I was toldthat I had low lying placenta which could cause abnormal bleeding.Months after, my pregnancy was being monitored weekly to watch outfor alarming symptoms it went from low lying placenta to completePrevia. I was on major restrictions to eliminate chances of havingmajor bleed which could cause Hemorrhaging, premature birth orpossibly death. I was a nervous wreck throughout my pregnancy becauseI was afraid of losing another baby or dying myself. Approximatelyfive months after gestation, I was scheduled for an ultrasound. Bothmy husband and I were informed that we were having a boy. We couldnot contain our excitement. In fact, we were overwhelmed to theextent of shouting on top of our voices. We both knew that a boywould complete our lives as a family. I was also tested forgestational diabetes, which led to a positive result. At this point,saying that I was anxious is an understatement.

Twomonths later, I had a major bleed exactly 31 days to maturation. Dueto the risks that come in cases of premature birth, this was tooearly for delivery. It was at this point that I was rushed for ac-section operation. I had to be put to sleep oblivious if my unbornchild or I were going to make it out alive. Shortly, after waking upfrom the surgery, I saw my husband looking at me with a huge smile onhis face. He went on to tell me that our son was safe and had beentaken to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He added that our son weighed3lbs and 14oz. He was the most beautiful, tiny being I ever saw whenI finally held him. Unlike most premature babies, no characteristicsdepicted that he had been born pretermly he was handsome. He stayedfor approximately one month in the NICU, without unusualcomplications.


I havewatched him grow normally. The fact that I was able to have a son hasbeen a blessing not only to me but also to the entire family since heis our only boy. Having a miscarriage before was like a bad storm,but having my son was a beautiful rainbow being seen in the sky asthe sun shined brightly. He is now five years old, starting his firstyear in the Kindergarten. Watching him grow up, reminds me that everymoment in life should be cherished. When I look at him, every day, Irealize that we both did not have to be here, and that life comesalong with several hurdles. My rainbow baby is truly a gift to all.


Califano Jr.,J. A. (2015). The Labor Pains of Giving Birth to Medicare.Generations,39(2),11-14.

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