Pereoperative Nursing

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PeriopTraining Program

Preoperativenurses perform critical roles assessing the treatment needs ofpatients undergoing surgery. They work in hospital operationsections, ambulatory surgical units, and physician offices. They alsotake care of clients after undergoing various operations. Drawntowards these activities by passion, there are various reasons forchoosing to train and be part of the core team.

First,I have a deep predilection for the activities carried out bypreoperative nurses. The environment in which the professionalsoperate is charged with intense activity, and they demand criticalattention to details. I believe that my personality and the learnedtraits of endurance and patient orientation render me as anappropriate candidate for the program.

Secondly,I have a deep passion for innovations in the healthcare sector thatmake the roles played by clinicians more accurate and timely.Operative procedures embrace the use of technology. Every day,medical innovators work to come up with highly effective instruments.As a nurse, I believe the program will expose me to a myriad ofcontemporary and emerging practices and devices that will increase myversatility in the operation units.

Inaddition, the OR brings together a multi-disciplinary team that workstogether for the good of the clients. As a result, I consider theprogram as a gateway to skill development in a diverse group. Apartfrom the specific competencies, I will also be in a position to shareexperiences and ideas both within and outside the clinical setting.

Finally,the preoperative team attends to a wide range of cases. The patientsfrom diverse backgrounds present with different conditions. Assistingthem will increase my knowledge in various illnesses. The encounterswill be instrumental for self-evaluation and spotting the gaps in myskills. More importantly, working in a team will with sharedobjectives will make my career progressive.

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