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Several initiatives have been put in place in Wicker Park, in 1stWard, Chicago city, to enhance safety. The area is relatively safewith little or minimal security incidences. According to statisticsfrom the Chicago Police Portal, crime rate reduced by a third betweenthe year 2000 and 2009. This is due to a combination of policingactivities and the use of technology in fighting crime. In all theneighborhoods, security cameras and supporting equipment have beeninstalled to deter crime. They are active day and night and arelinked to the Chicago Police Department Command Center. This enablesfast and efficient responses by the mobile units.

In addition to reducing crime, there are several efforts aimed atimproving environmental safety in Wicker Park. These initiatives havemore implications on public health. Alderman Moreno has expressed hiscommitment to ensuring that the ecological footprint of theneighborhood is minimized. This is achieved through the adoption of‘green’ building practices that reduce environmental impacts.Consequently, it has been rated as the most environmentally friendlyward in Chicago city. This accolade has been achieved through the‘Building Green in the First Ward’ program. The initiative aimsat reducing and recycling waste, which is beneficial to the communityas well as the environment. Additionally, it involves strategies suchas blue cart sort, retention of groundwater, reduction of surfacerunoff, and construction standards that do not tamper withpercolation of rainwater.

Moreover, through collaboration with local schools, discussionsrelated to sustainability have been initiated. This includesactivities of daily life that can promote recycling, energyconservation and use of alternative transport. Alderman is alsocommitted to increasing the area covered by parks and green spaces inthe neighborhood. This is achieved through cooperation with differentauthorities and volunteers who play active roles in thebeautification programs.

Constructions and related developments are some of the most importantcommunity issues in Wicker Park. Alderman has an enormousresponsibility of preserving the environment while encouragingeconomic progress. To achieve sustainable urban growth, issues suchas garbage disposal, noise, traffic congestion, and other relatedecological concerns should be addressed. Through civil participation,the neighborhood has established rules that govern constructionprojects. For example, construction crews in Wicker Part are requiredto use heavy machinery between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. They are alsoexpected to reduce air pollution by using ‘wet saw’ to eliminatedust. Also, they are responsible for the removal of trash and keepingthe sites clean and safe. This includes preventing the debris fromlittering the sidewalks and streets.

There are no signs of community decay in Wicker Park. For example,there are no abandoned cars, trash in the street, deserted buildingsand incomplete structures. The community has a vibrant media, whichinclude blogs, press releases, and weekly newsletters. For example,“2016 WPB Neighborhood Guide” is available online whilemajor events are published in Where Magazine. The SilvermanGroup plays a significant role in keeping the society informedthrough press releases.

Good health and healthy living are important issues in Wicker Park.There are several features and facilities in the neighborhood thatpromote individual well-being. They include comfortable and invitingsidewalks and parks, which promote physical activities such aswalking, running and cycling. Additionally, it is essential to notethat security and sustainable environment improves public health. Forexample, reduction of air pollutions and waste management haspositive health implications.


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