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Pageoutline of content for article 1

Article1: Partridge, Linda. &quotDiet and healthy aging.&quot&nbspNewEngland Journal of Medicine367.26(2012): 2550-2551. Available at


  1. Linda Partridge affirms that how an individual selects his or her diet on a daily basis has an important role to play in determining their health status.


  1. Aging related are common in the United States.

  2. Some of the most common conditions and diseases for the aging population include cerebral atrophy, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer among others.

Discussionon Aging

  1. Cardiovascular health affect aging population.

  2. The article uses animals such as the rhesus monkey were fed ad libitum as they age and the results indicated that many had developed cardiovascular diseases.

  3. In human beings, since the pumping ability of the coronary muscles have been compromised, pumping blood to the rest of the body organs can overburden the heart. Heart diseases are catalyzed by fat depositions alongside the blood vessels as in the case of atherosclerosis.


  1. Diet can be used to improve the health of older people.

Recommendationsand Conclusion

  1. The article concludes by stating that adjusting dietary composition can have positive effects on the aging population.

  2. To manage diabetes among the aging population, there is need to seek expert opinion on the kind of food supplement that one should take and ensure that he or she takes minimum levels of sucrose.

Pageoutline of content for article 2

Article2:Brody, Jane. &quotFinding a Drug for Healthy Aging&quot. Well.N.P., 2016. Web. 31 Aug. 2016. Available at


  1. To evaluates the possibility and effectiveness of a drug that can manage aging.


  1. Aging and related problems are very common in the United States and many aged people remain incapacitated by illness and are thus unable to enjoy life.

  2. Some of the common conditions that are prevalent among the aged include atherosclerotic heart disease, dementia and osteoarthritis and cancer.

Discussionon Aging

  1. Aging is attributed to physiological processes such as cellular degradation, the failure of progenitor and stem cells to function as required and damage of essential molecules such as sugars, protein, and DNA.

  2. Drug called metformin is recommended for aging disorders.

  3. Rapamycin which acts as an immune modulator for aging population can also work to manage some conditions and diseases.


  1. The article states that by targeting the aging processes, it is possible to delay or even prevent some of the age-related diseases and disorders.

Recommendationand Conclusion

  1. Aging-related disorders and conditions pose a lot of threat to the old population.

  2. There is a need for therapeutic interventions whose efficacies have been tested and are thus research based.

  3. Drugs developed should thus target cell divisions and modification, regulation of essential molecules such as protein, fats, and sugars among others.

  4. The article concludes that the drug categories of interest include antioxidants, antibiotics, and some gene-based drugs.


Botharticles are very informative about some of the health problemsfacing the aging population. Being that the two articles are from areputable journal database and news media respectively, they are veryreliable and can be used as references. Some of the similarities arethat both articles acknowledge that due to decreased immunity andother factors, old people are more susceptible to certain diseasesand conditions than the rest of the population. Additionally, it isevident that even though old age cannot be prevented, unwanted healtheffects can be minimized.

LindaPartridge’s article is very academic and well organized. Invalidating her findings, the author has used external sources,especially previous studies and journals on the aging. She comparesstudies and points some of the loopholes that could have resulted inthe finding differences. Paul Rogers in the New York Times makes useof external sources, especially expert opinions. Regarding qualitysources, it is evident that the journal article is more reliable thanthe newspaper. Consequently, diseases and conditions such as diabetesare clearly explained in the journal article, and this makes it agood source.

TheNew York Times article has been written using easy andstraightforward language to ease understanding since it is intendedfor the general audience. Linda Partridge’s state that poor diet isthe major cause of aging health disorders and can be corrected byproper eating. Although she states that other options can be exploredto ensure that the elderly have a healthy life, she maintains thatthey should take antioxidants, carbohydrates in the right quantities.Paul Rogers, on the other hand, state that although old age isnatural, its related diseases and disorders can be managed using therelevant medication.

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