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OurTimes: Art, Technology, Challenge and the Art of the New


B&amp D Company was incorporated in 2000 as a holding company. It isthe 15th largest pharmaceutical based on its 2014 revenues. It mainlydoes research and development, manufacture and sale of humanhealthcare products. It has over 20 branches around the world. Thecompany has three segments Consumer, Pharmaceutical and Medicalservices. The B &amp D pharmaceutical department focuses onimmunology, infectious diseases, neuroscience, oncology andcardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The pharmaceutical productsare supplied directly to retailers, wholesalers, hospitals andhealthcare professionals. It has registered increased growth suchthat, it has grown from a revenue of $300 million in 2012 to $ 1,000million in 2014. Due to the tremendous growth B &amp D wants to havea headquarters facility that will allow all the segmentsadministrative and research and development activities to functioncohesively. The headquarters will be located in California.


Thechief executive officer (CEO) of B &amp D wants to invest in newarchitecture and art for the company headquarters in California. Heis looking for architecture and art that will reflect on thecompany’s mission, “wholesome wellbeing for all human beings”as well as inspire the employees to work cohesively for the continuedgrowth of the company. The land for the headquarters has already beenacquired. The CEO wants to have the building up and functioning intwo years. He requires the architecture and art recommendations donewithin two months.

Theseoffices need to reflect the intuitiveness of discovery. This meansthat the area surrounding ought to inspire the researchers as well asthe administrators to be innovative. The offices will be contained inone block but the two departments will be separated by a round openspace that runs to the top to allow natural light in. I recommendthat the area surrounding be lush green with tall palm trees andgrass. Since big ideas are discussed in this area, I suggest aninteractive open ground plane between the administrative and researchoffices. The visitors lobby will also be on the ground floor wherenature inspired art work will be displayed. This area will bedesigned such that it is easy to monitor the visitors as they get aglimpse of B &amp D’s creativeness. The third floor of the fivestrorey building will contain a café, conference center, a libraryand lobbies. This area will be strategically located at the center ofthe building to allow easy access by all employees in the top andground offices.

Artwork in this areas will be inspired by hard work, team work andinnovativeness. In this regard, I suggest that a sculpted tieredauditorium be in designed in a reflecting pool. The visitors lobbywill be displayed by the company trophies and achievement records.Photos of employees involved in community and creative activitieswill be displayed. The café and the interactive plane will have artwork that reflects a relaxed happy mood. As such, colorful sculptureswill be displayed. Wall paintings that have a reflective ability willalso be displayed. The offices will overlook a lush green lawn.


Thecompany should consider the following initial works landscaping,curator and photography services. Landscaping should inspire theemployees as well as the visitors to the premises. A goodprofessional landscaper should have the right qualifications andlicensed. They should be responsible for landscaping both the innerand outer spaces of the company. A curator should ensure thatresearch is carried out and the organization has the right art workcollections. Paintings and sculptures collected by the curator shouldreflect the cultural heritage of the company (Lipman,2014).The company or person engaged with photography services should selectphotos from the company archives or suggest new ones that will beused by the company. The photographer should also enhance the photosand suggest framing works that will reflect the company’sobjectives. Nature inspired photos should also be featured. Thephotography should be relevant to B &amp D’s image and set theright scene to both the employees and visitors.

Thecompany’s photographs will cost approximately $4,000. The artcollection will require between $430,000 and $490,000. The cost oflandscaping the office space is approximately $18,000. Thus, thecompany should budget for $483,000 for art work and $, 4,000 forphotographs, totaling to $487,000.

Table1: price comparisons among three auction houses

Auction house 1

Auction house 2

Auction house 3

10 Painting




15 Drawing




5 Sculptures









Toensure that the high quality of art work is collected, all serviceproviders must have the right qualifications and licensed in theirindustry. Contracts that safe guard B &amp D values must drafted andsigned before engaging the services of the business people.

Businessadvantages of an art collection

Artwork boosts creativity of employees. This will inspire them to bemore creative in their day-to-day activities. It also helps bring outa relaxing mood that can help in stress reduction. Art work alsoreflects on the cultural heritage of a workplace. It will help passan important message of the company values that are promoted. Ingeneral art work should contribute to the overall productivity in theworkplace. Employees’ minds are also actively challenged by artwork (Lipman,2014).

Informationalcard form

Table2: brochure for attached painting

The subject of the work

Team work

The biography of the artist

Brian creates fresh, vibrant images that capture the essence of clients. He has 15 years of professional painting, 5 of which he has been self-employed. He has flexible plans and is creative.

The techniques and media used

Manual painting technique has been used on a cardboard

Key interpretive, historical, or descriptive information about the piece

The painting shows people playing musical instruments at sunset. The work showcases a team of people playing musical instruments. The painting is important in showing team work in a happy environment. The background shows sunset which shows the energy of the team even late in the evening

Reflection to the organization

This reflects the value of team work in the company. It also reflects the resilience and the pride of employees in the work from the sunrise to sunset.

Interest to employees

The employees will appreciate seeing that their work brings music (joy) to the world. Their work contributes to the wellbeing of their clients

Table3: Brochure for attached sculpture

The subject of the work

Colorful working environment

The biography of the artist

Ray has run the Ray art for the last 20 years. He seeks to bring help people to connect with their creative beings through art. He is free spirited and bold.

The techniques and media used

The sculpture utilizes tie and dye technique using digital media.

Key interpretive, historical, or descriptive information about the piece

The sculpture shows different colors beaming to make a colorful picture. It captures the color and glamour the employees associate with when at work. It also shows that every individual contributes to the betterment and brings joy to the whole company.

Reflection to the organization

Just like the company, the sculpture values individual efforts in achieving the company’s mission.

Interest to employees

The employees will appreciate that their individual efforts are recognized and highly appreciated by the company.

Table4: brochure for attached photograph

The subject of the work

Soaring high

The biography of the artist

Sarah has been in the photography business for the last 10 years. She runs her own company by the name Saravid photography. She has an eye for creativity and captures photographs vividly. Her works have been recognized by the National Museum Association.

The techniques and media used

The photograph utilizes aerial photography technique using a digital camera.

Key interpretive, historical, or descriptive information about the piece

The photograph shows hot air balloons soaring to the skies. This shows the determination of the organization to go beyond the normal and aim to the skies.

Reflection to the organization

The photo reflects on the organization’s goal of becoming the leader in the industry by going higher and higher.

Interest to employees

The employees will be motivated to be better than who they were yesterday to keep soaring higher.


Lipman,V. (2014). The Motivational benefits of art in the workplace. Forbes.Retrieved fromhttp://www.forbes.com/sites/victorlipman/2014/07/31/the-motivational-benefits-of-art-in-the-workplace/#31b942f963df


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