Organizational Development and Change Management

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OrganizationalDevelopment and Change Management

OrganizationalDevelopment and Change Management

Changemanagement can be defined in various ways. However, the most precisedefinition states that it is a structured procedure meant totransition teams, organizations, and individuals from a currentstatus to an anticipated future state. It is mostly applied insituations like growing or downsizing an organization or adding newtechnologies. Organizational development (OD), on the other hand,does not have a standard description. However, it can be defined asthe application of frameworks, processes, methods, technologies, andtools to make the entire organization more productive, profitable,and innovative. It is a continuous, systematic procedure of applyingpositive and efficient corporation changes. IsChange Management similar to OD?is a divisive query that draws varying responses. In my view, thesetwo aspects are not the same. This paper will show how the twoaspects differ [ CITATION Tho08 l 1033 ].

Onedistinctive factor arises when implementing unplanned actions for anorganization to survive. These aspects include the reduction insalaries, outsourcing labor, increasing healthcare costs, ordownsizing. These changes may be necessary, but they do not followthe values, principles, and processes of OD. Furthermore, the ODprocess follows particular principles while change management isdriven by the market value. In other words, change management isdependent on specific aspects of the market like pricings, customerbase, and profits. However, the OD process is guided by principlesthat are not influenced by the market (Mclean, 2006).

Organizationaldevelopment is also quite comprehensive regarding the scope ofcoverage. It is regarded as both a field of scientific study andinquiry as well as applied behavioral science. Organizationaldevelopment is an interdisciplinary aspect that draws on severalother disciplines like psychology, cultural anthropologyorganizational behavior, communication, sociology, the theory ofmotivation, and political science. Change management is an element orrather just one portion of OD. The word change management has rootsin IT and engineering and historically focused more on how alteringone feature of a technical structure impact on the entire system. Themain aim is modifying a particular aspect of the system ororganization to check how it affects the whole of it. A good examplecan be drawn from a company utilizing the cost leadership technique.Altering the prices of a commodity impacts on the market share.Therefore, the company may decide to reduce its prices to gain moreground in the market (Preston, 2013).

OrganizationalDevelopment is centered on collaboration. It considers the entiresystem, that is, the organization together with its relevantsubsystems. Therefore, the OD interventions, as well as improvementapproaches, focus on the system as a whole or the multiple stages ofthe system like teams, individuals, and groups. The interventionshave to be aligned to the strategic aims and objectives of thecorporation. The different portions are not deliberated in isolation.Organizational Development adopts the principle of interdependencythat suggests: variations in one aspect of the system have an impacton the rest. The various strategies are focused on initiatives likecommunication, culture, process, and policy within the corporation.Therefore, when implementing OD, all the elements of the organizationare taken into consideration. For instance, when championingdiversity within the company, all the aspects linked to it must beconsidered. Appreciating diversity will affect all the employees andnot just an isolated group. In general, organizational developmentand change management differ on how the strategies are implemented(French, 2004).


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