Open Letter to Dr. Jill Stein

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Dear Dr. Jill Stein,

My name is (Your name) from(Insert State). I have all along been an admirer of the Green PartyMovement. There is a general feeling from the party supporters thatyou have disregarded ten essential norms of the party. The worstthing that has been observed so far is your support of BernieSanders. There are a few issues that I shall be addressing, hoping toreceive your opinions as soon as you read this open letter.

How right is it for you tosupport an individual who does not care about the welfare of theAmericans? It is sad to see you supporting a criminal and a warlord.Have you ever realized that Bernie Sanders is a candidate who doesnot stand for the values of the party? What makes you think that heis the right candidate for the presidential seat, something that we,as supporters are not seeing? (Kimberly, 2016)

What is the probability thatyou will become president come 2017? To some extent, you may beespousing the ideals of the Green Party. Do you think you have thenumbers to make you the occupant of the top seat in the world? Whatare the chances that the Electoral College will allow you, as a thirdparty, to become the president?

There is a feeling that yoursupporters have a plan to stick your votes to Clinton, do you havethe vaguest idea where such individuals were before Bernie came intothe vicinity? Why are you so ready to sell the values of the party atthe expense of the souls of the American citizens? (Glick, 2016)

Thank you for taking yourtime to go through my genuine concerns. I hope to see your reactionsconcerning the issues addressed, Jill.

Yours sincerely,

(Insert your name).


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