Nursing Profession Experience

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NursingProfession Experience

NursingProfession Experience

Myname is Crystal, and I am currently working at a health center as aMedical Administrative Assistant and Assistant Group Coordinator. Ihave been here for almost ten years. In this health setting, I havehad the privilege of acquiring many skills that are relevant topatient care. Some of the interesting things I have participated ininclude learning about the mind-body connections comma, especiallyfor patients who attend fitness groups. These health meetings includegroup exercises for both children and adults, yoga, prenatal, supportgroups, obesity, and acupuncture treatment groups. Individuals whoattend these meetings have benefited a lot in preventing diseaseprogression and improving their health status. During my interactionwith these patients, we usually discuss the relationship betweenanatomy and physiology, and the importance of movement in the humanbody. Part of my job is to teach people how to move muscles safelyusing specific motions for flexibility.

Peoplejoin nursing career for two major reasons: money and prestige.Personally, I have always wanted to participate in the process ofhelping other individuals who need healthcare services. The work isinteresting and also gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that Iwas able to help patients improve their health status. Additionally,I appreciate the fact that I can apply the knowledge and experienceto uplift my health and that of my family, especially duringsickness. Moreover, I consider nursing a noble profession sincenurses play an essential part in health sector.

Themajor challenge faced by nurses in the contemporary healthcare sectoris fatigue. Professionals in this field are often required to worklong shifts. In some situations, they have an obligation to work forextended shifts leading to fatigue. Exhaustion has been shown toresult in medical mistakes, increased levels of burnouts and patientdissatisfaction. In other instances, nurses experience jobdissatisfaction and develop intent to quit the job. Ultimately,nurses affected by fatigue tend to report decision regret andnegative emotions when outcomes are different from the desired ones.As a nurse, several measures can be taken to reduce and eventuallyeliminate this problem. First of all, developing a comfortable workschedule is imperative. Adequate time should be allocated for breaksand bed rest. Also, more staff can be added to provide assistance andensure that shifts run smoothly without overworking a single nurse.Providing the opportunity for extended vacations and work leave mayalso help in revitalizing nurses and improve job performance.

Thenursing profession is one that needs continuous learning andparticipation. As such my plans revolve around gaining moreinformation and expertise through seminars, conferences, lobbying andcollaboration with other institutions. I hope to pursue a degree inadvanced practice nursing and continue working with wellness groups.My most significant personal motives are to provide patients with themost efficient health plans at home and also to assist those who wantto join this humble cause. As such, I not only aspire to beginworking as a home-based caregiver in the community but also teachingand educating the future nurses, who are willing and have the urge toparticipate actively in service provision to patients. Since my workis quite engaging, I hope to ensure that I use my experience tobetter my health as well as that of my family.


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