Nursing Leadership Discussions

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NursingLeadership Discussions

NursingLeadership Discussions

  1. Nurse Manager’s roles in the reengineering of health care services

NurseManagers play the role of observing and analyzing current trends inthe healthcare environment. The observation is important inunderstanding the internal and external factors that affecthealthcare services and health facilities (Smansburg, 1996). Some ofthe factors that these managers can analyze include healthy lifestyletrends such as screening and prevention measures.

Inaddition, managers play a critical role in introducing emergingtechnologies with an aim of bringing about changes in surgicalinterventions. Such procedures can be replaced with positron emissiontesting by detecting malignancy in advance (Finkelman, 2012). NurseManagers may also bring about changes in the reimbursement throughproviding lower services to clients. The changes can be achievedafter managers purchase hospital products and equipments at a lowercost. Changes will be achieved because reimbursements are externalfactors which have significant implications to the existing volumeshifts (Finkelman, 2012).

  1. Example of how to apply CQI in your current or past position

Thefirst important contribution towards continuous quality improvementprocess is by using the right tools such as documentations inproviding accurate data (Dziegielewski, 2013). The data is normallyvery critical in analyzing, controlling monitoring continuous qualityimprovements. It is also vital to communicate efficiently with themanagement for decision making processes and for the purposes ofsaving time with suppliers (Dziegielewski, 2013). Poor communicationoften impacts patient care through delayed patient flow processes.Finally, it is imperative to have the correct patient identificationprocedures to ensure that the right treatment is given to the rightpatient (Dziegielewski, 2013). Correct procedures will also ensurethat hospitals enhance patient safety as well patient care. As aresult, the organization will avert negative impacts of wrongdocumentations such as high legal costs as the hospital may be suedby patients.


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