Negative Aspects of Technology

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NegativeAspects of Technology

Theultimate objective of investing in technological advancement is tomake human life easier by enhancing efficiency as well as conveniencein the way people communicate and work. However, technology comeswith an equal share of negative aspects that reduce the quality oflife of its users. This paper will provide a discussion of thenegative aspects of technology. Although technology has made humaninteractions easier and workplaces more convenient, its impact onenvironmental pollution, human health, right to privacy, andinternet-based bullying cannot be ignored.

Technologyhas made a significant contribution towards environmental pollution.Technology pollutes the environment during the production ofelectronic devices, their usage, and disposal. The three processesresults in the release of greenhouse gases, chemicals, and solidwaste. For example, the monitor and an average computer require about48 pounds of harmful chemicals and approximately 530 pounds of fuels(Soltan 1). These gases pollute the air while chemicals contaminatethe soil and water. Technology benefits the rich countries that makemore money by selling electronic devices across the world, while thepoor nations carry the burden of environmental pollution. Forexample, the U.S. exports about 50 %-80 % of its waste to developingcountries in Asia for recycling (Soltan 1).

Inaddition, the technology has several effects on human health, butseveral of these impacts are negative. It affects human healthdirectly and indirectly. For example, technology has resulted in thedevelopment of different devices that have helped people lead asedentary life, which has increased the prevalence of diseasesassociated with a poor lifestyle. The use of computers, onlinecommunication, and video games has reduced the need for people toengage in physical movement in order to meet friends, play, or work.Although this is considered as an increase in the level ofconvenience, it is associated with a rise in the prevalence ofdiabetes (Nikolov 1). In addition, the use of electronic gadgets hasbeen associated with the occurrence of killer diseases. For example,cell phones release radiofrequency energy that causes cancer (Nikolov2).

Moreover,privacy is one of the key rights that are protected by theconstitution, but technology has made it difficult to protect it. Forexample, social networks encourage people to post their privateinformation. Many people post private information without knowingthat it will be accessed by other users of the sites. Additionally,many organizations keep their records in electronic forms that areeasily accessed by unauthorized persons. For example, the increase inthe application of electronic health records in the health carefacilities has resulted in cases of data breach (Soltan 1). Manypatients have lost their personal data (such as the social securitynumbers) that is used by criminals to access their money.

Althoughthe issue of bullying has existed throughout the human history,technology has made it worse since bullies can easy access theirvictims without the physical movement. For example, children as youngas ten years old are able to use the social media where they interactwith people who have wrong intentions (Soltan 1). Some of them areharassed sexually or subjected to situations that affect thempsychologically. The worst cases of cyber bullying are associatedwith depression and suicide.

Inconclusion, technology has enhanced efficiency in communication, butit is associated with environmental pollution, human diseases,violation of the right to enjoy privacy, and an increase in cases ofcyber bullying. The process of production of electronic gadgetsresults in emission of pollutant gases. The radioactive wavesreleased by electronic devices cause diseases (such as cancer) totheir users. In addition, personal data that is stored electronicallycan be stolen easily compared to hard copies. Therefore, technologyhas numerous negative aspects that affect the lives of its usersindirectly or directly.


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