My Self-Introduction to the Class Unit

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MySelf-Introduction to the Class


I firmly believe that the biggest trigger for diseases is humanbehavior. This relates mostly to interaction with the environmentboth immediate and intermediate. Human beings are solely responsiblefor creating conditions that favor the proliferation of pathogens. Inother cases, he has created conditions harmful to the human body suchas dust and smoke that cause breathing diseases. I believe thatpathogens including bacteria, viruses, and fungi are all part of thenatural environment. Hence man needs to learn ways to coexist withthem. The best is learning simple ways of ensuring that thesepathogens are not harmful to man by controlling their population andaccess to humans. Therefore, there is a need to increase the humanunderstanding of the environment through research so as to shape ourbehaviors accordingly (Mcnee &amp McCabe (2008). Nurses stand toplay a critical role in research and developing healthcare-relatedpractice.

Hello, my name isAnnabel Hall, and I have been an RN since 1999. I have worked on theMedical Surgical floor for two years, then ER for eight years,infusion center /chemotherapy for three years and currently workingat cardiology department as Triage/Advice nurse since 2011. So far, Ihave enjoyed my career, and I am looking to enrich my skills furtherthrough this course as part of continuous learning as recommended bySellman and Cribb (2011) and also for personal and careerdevelopment.

Although some research attributes one’s identity to their name, Ido not believe in that (Hedrick 2013). According to my mom, her andher best friend happened to be pregnant at the same time and plannedon naming their babies Anna something. My mom settled on Annabel, andher best friend decided on Annalisa. I love this name so much. I havealso realized that this name is quite familiar with the elderlypeople who always remind me of a character named Annabel Lee inEdgar’s Poe’s tragic love poem by the same name. With those fewwords, I hope to get to hear more about the individuals in this classand also hopefully learn from you guys. Thanks.


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