My Introduction to Class (Online)

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MyIntroduction to Class (Online)

MyIntroduction to Class (Online)


My name is Annabel Hall and I am of the opinion that cellularpathophysiology as the functional transformations linked to injury incells aims at elaborating the physiological mechanisms through whichthis condition builds up and advances. Therefore, comprehendingadaptation of cells to injury and irreversible cell injury is crucialin nursing. It is notable that tissue hypoxia, which is theinadequacy of oxygen in tissues is the major trigger for the nameddisease (Lee et al., 2013). After looking at the topics that thisclass will cover, I will be happy to understand the fundamentalprinciples of cell injury. Something interesting about me is that Ilike to self-learn therefore, I will have easy time to study online.

HumanDiversity Class

My name is Annabel Hall as a word that identifies someone orsomething, a name is essential when referring to something oraddressing an individual(Diller, 2013). My name defines who I am. My mothertold me that my name came from her and best friend’s idea of namingtheir babies Anna, as they were pregnant at the same time. When wewere born, it happened that I was named Annabel while the other babywas named Annalisa. Quite often, when I introduce my name atworkplace, many elderly friends tell me that it reminds them of thepoem aAnnabel Leea by Edgar A. Poe. I have been an RN since1999, worked in Medical surgical floor for two years, ER for eightyears, and three years for infusion center/chemotherapy. Currently, Iam working as a Triage/Advice nurse at cardiology department since2011. In essence, a name gives people some sense of diversity.

Course Introduction to Theory and Science of Nursing

I am Annabel Hall, and would like to share that The Introductionto Theory and Science of Nursing is a wide topic that coversthemes such as the crucial concepts of qualitative and quantitativeresearch, the essence of theory, research, and practice, among otheraspects. I do not know much about the topic but I understand “theNightingale of Modern Nursing,” a theory that was developed byVirginia Henderson. In addition, the topic highlights the stages ofdevelopment, classifications, and types of other nursing theories(Alligood, 2014). I am ready to learn the appraisal ofquantitative research and the application of the various themes inthe practice setting.


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