MSU readmission

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Michigan State University

1. List any constructive activities that you have beenparticipating in but they are not reflected in your academic records

Overthe past year that I have been in the USA, I have made personalefforts to improve my English by hiring a private tutor. Since then,I have greatly improved in my writing and speaking, although I am notyet where I would like to be. I also took courses at the LansingCommunity College, which I believe will complement my degree programat MSU. Courtesy of my career adviser here at MSU, I decided to takethe following courses at LCC ISB, WRA, and MTH. All these courses Idid them through LCC’s online learning mode. During my summer breakback home in China, I took some more courses, that are recognized byMSU, rather than sitting at home watching cartoon. These coursesinclude History 101, Math 212, and English 101. When I am readmittedto MSU, I will transfer the credits to reflect as HST GCU, MTH 133,and WRA 1004 respectively.

2.What plans have you made since you last enrolled that cause you tobelieve that you can now achieve your academics objectives

Ihave made plans to attend all classes during my next semester, nomatter the severity of the situation. Now that I have a betterknowledge of English, I have decided to do my homework on time inorder to avoid losing marks due to late submissions. In case of anypersonal problems, I will be going to see my advisor in order to sortthem out. Whenever I pick courses from now henceforth, I will beseeking the opinion of my career adviser beforehand. I do not want torepeat the mistake of picking too many courses like in the previousacademic year. Finally, I have made the resolution to never be afraidagain to ask the tutor questions whenever I do not understand maybedue to hard vocabularies or an unusual accent.

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