Module 1 Discussion

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Module1 Discussion

Module1 Discussion

Senge’sfive disciplines include system thinking, mental models, personalmastery, team learning, and shared vision, which suggest howcompanies can adapt to changes without compromising their coreprinciples. Since formation, Google encountered challenges that madeit difficult to expand their operations into foreign markets(Argenti, 2012). Therefore, the company had to acknowledge that thelarger it grew, the more it had to adapt and evolve to keep theparties involved happy.

Senge’sdisciplines can help understand the changing environment at Google.Theprinciples clarify the founders’ vision of focusing their skills todevelop a search engine according to the users’ needs. Furthermore,they help understand how the co-founders and chief executive officecontinually learned of the needs in the Chinese market such as thegovernment restrictions thus, they ensured that the services theyoffered aligned with the requirements (Argenti, 2012).

Thenagain, the disciplines can assist when assessing major events thatinfluence the changes. Senge’s principles help analyze the factorsin the market such as regulations.Thus, the company acknowledges the changes and understands how theyaffect the overall objective. Moreover, it helps explain how Googlefounders visualized the services they would provide to the consumers.For example, they aimed at providing their customers with thegreatest access to universally useful information (Argenti, 2012).Based on those assumptions, they refused to provide user informationin a case that the government was building against childpornographers. Besides, they did not want to comply with thegovernment’s requirement to censor the searches deemedobjectionable (Argenti, 2012).

Lastly,the disciplines can assist when explaining how Google adapts to thechanges. Thecompany holds a shared picture of the future they seek to create. Forexample, the founders came up with a strategy that emphasized onprotective features to minimize the harmful effects that thecensoring system could have on the Chinese users. Hence, theconsumers were informed when the filtering had changed their search.Besides, the company did not offer services that required the usersto provide their personal information (Argenti, 2012). Google’sshared vision introduced a typical picture of the future thatpromoted genuine commitment rather than compliance. Forexample, the company’s achievements are centeredonits strength tomaintain free, uncluttered, and user-friendly search engine (Argenti,2012). Accordingly, Senge’s discipline can explain how the founderstranscended the internal politics in China and strategies thatdominate other internet search engines (Argenti, 2012). As a result,Google showed a clear understanding of what made them successfulthus, the company moved from being simply a search engine to one thatis embraced by consumers.


Argenti,P. A. (2012). The Changing Environment for Business. CorporateCommunication(6th ed.). (11-37). New York: McGraw-Hill Education.

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