Modern Zombies are a problem that relates to Historical ones

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ModernZombies are a problem that relates to Historical ones

Thecurrent world may be dynamic, but there are things and humanattributes that do not change. One of the attributes is the tendencyto live like a zombie due to things that human beings focus on. Forinstance, overreliance on technology creates a possibility of losingconsciousness of the environment and being addicted to one thing andforgetting ourselves or the rest of the world. Losing touch with thesurrounding world is an example of zombification that takes place inthe modern world. The discussion of the topic will explore how themodern zombies relate to the historical “zombies” as learned inthe course. Through the relation of the two timelines, the discussionwill illustrate that the zombie is a problem of the modern world aswell.

Tounderstand the relation of the modern zombies to the historical ones,it is important to understand the meaning and features of both. Themeaning will open a way of relating the features of the modernzombies and explore how they relate to the historical ones. It willalso create a view that being zombies is a problem in the world.Based on the historical representation of zombies, it is important todraw the features that they presented, and relate them to the modernzombies.

Oneof the defining features of the historical zombies is that of beinglacking direction in life and being used by their masters. They hadno focus or direction in their lives and followed what their mastersdecided. According to the Christie and Lauro, zombies were used bymasters to pursue the will of their masters. Christie and Laurostates that, “&quotTheearliest zombies were neither sick nor cannibalistic&nbsptheywere&nbspvictims of an exotic religion, used as slaves, forced tosubmit to the will of a zombie master”&nbsp(Christieand Lauro9).In this case, the masters were those who created the zombie. Theystate that, “Zombies were used as slaves by those who created them”(Christieand Lauro13).

Inthe same way, the modern zombies lack direction and submit to theirmasters to be used as desired. The modern zombies get focused so muchon one thing that they forget themselves and submit their attentionto the zombie creators. A good example of this relational feature isthe zombies created by the social media in the modern world. Peoplewho are social media zombies take the ideas they learn in the socialmedia and focus on the social media until they zombify towards thesocial networks. They submit to technology around social media and donot mind what they should do, but what the internet tells them. Insimple, they do not see anything for themselves.

Anotherdistinctive feature of the historical zombies is the lack ofalertness and expression to the happenings of the outside world. Thezombies do not even know themselves. They are human-like creaturesthat do not focus so much on being conscious of the rest of the worldapart from their mere existence. According to the Christie and Lauro,Zombies are expressionless. They state that, &quot…Plodding likebrutes, like automatons,&quot faces that are &quotexpressionless&quotand &quotvacant,&quot eyes &quotlike the eyes of a dead man, notblind, but staring, unfocused, unseeing&quot&nbsp(Christieand Lauro14).

Similarly,the modern zombies are as expressionless as the historical ones. Oncea person has been made a zombie by the modern creators of zombies, heor she lacks alertness to what is happening in the world. Forinstance, one a person becomes a phone zombie he or she concentrateson the phone and forgets other responsibilities that demandattention. According to Christian Kallen, phones take the thinking ofa person away from the serious tasks like driving. Kallen statesthat, “Thecell phone conversation can cause such a reduction in proper brainfunction that good drivers are transforming seemingly intoinattentive&nbsp“zombies”&nbspbehindthe wheel”&nbsp(Kallen1).

Justlike zombies of the historical times, people concentrate on thezombie creators. In this case, the phones are the creators of thezombies, turning normal people to zombies. People get taken away bythe phones and forget about their safety. According to Kallen, peopleshould avoid falling victim of the “zombie-like” behaviors byfollowing the laid down procedures and avoiding the use of cellphones (Kallen 1). This shows that people fall victim to the phone,and not the phone itself. Such modern zombies relate to thehistorical zombies.

Anotherdefining feature of historical zombies that is shared with the modernones is their destruction of humanity. When zombies existed, theysought to eat human beings and feed on them. According to the movie,WarmBodies,zombies eat human beings and anything that is living. The voice-overof the movie states, “Theycall these guys Bonies. They don`t bother us much, but they`ll eatanything with a heartbeat…”(WarmBodies 1). This means that the zombies would eat human beings as longas they exist.

Ina similar manner, the modern zombies are destructive to humanity.They tend to destroy the human features that make a human being. As aresult, a person behaves like a zombie and eventually becomes azombie. As a result of the destruction of human beings, people havealways run away from zombies.

Toillustrate the fear, Max Brooks states that zombies were creaturesdreaded by humans, even in the apocalyptic nature that the book isbased on. He states that, “Itbecame the reason we&nbspstopped going&nbspinto the cities andstarted walling them up during winter. We learned a lot of lessonsthose&nbspfirst months”&nbsp(P 180).In cases where it was necessary to kill the zombies, people tried todestroy them before they devoured them. In the film Dawnof the Dead,the county sheriff advised shooting them. He states, “TheCounty Sheriff: Just shoot them in the head! They seem to go downpermanently if you shoot them in the head”&nbsp(Dawn of Dead 1).This shows how people devised ways of destroying them.

Themodern zombies relates to the historical feature by having a behaviorthat is despised by rational people. A good instance is the case ofsocial media zombies. They mostly use the internet and social mediato harm others through cyber bullying. As a result, people run awayor keep off from them. According to Marisa Taylor, cyber bullying isrampant in social media and the soft targets like women getvictimized (Taylor 1). According to Taylor, ““Womenand young adults were more likely than others to experienceharassment on social media,”&nbsp(Taylor 1).As a result, people fear the social sites due to the social mediazombies who seek innocent people to bully.

Anotherfeature of modern zombies that relates to the historical zombies isthat of passing the zombie behavior to human beings. In historicaltimes, the destruction of human beings is passed from the zombies tohumans, who are also turned to become zombies. In the movie WarmBodies,people also admitted falling victim to zombie features. Thevoice-over states that, “Imean I will too, but at least I`m conflicted about it”(Warm Bodies 1). In the same way, the modern zombies create a chainof infections where one person passes the zombie-like behavior tounaffected ones.

Similarly,the modern zombies tend to affect others negatively. People use theirphones and become cell phone zombies. As a result, they the socialmedia to bully others and creates a way of hurting them. According toKallen, ““Ofthose who said they had been harassed online, 27 percent reportedbeing called offensive names and 22 percent had another user try toembarrass them on purpose”&nbsp(Taylor 1).This shows how users of the social media and the internet seek tobully others. They bully all people, even those who are notnecessarily social media zombies.

Thepersistence of zombies in the modern world proofs that they existwith the features that relate to the historic zombies studied in thecourse. This is because of the way the modern people relate and reactto the zombie creators of the modern world. One of the consistent andpopular zombie creators in the current world is the social mediazombie. Having created the people who focus on the use of theinternet to bully others, the internet and social media sites becomethe creators of zombies. This makes the zombies in current day aproblem of the modern world.

Oneof the problems is people abusing the freedom of others to use commonitems like the social media. The social media zombie in the moderntimes is a problem in itself. This is because it presents In thisregard, strangers become abusers of people they do not know, justlike zombies did in the historic times. That is the reason why manyof the perpetrators are strangers. According to Taylor, “Interms of who was doing the harassing, 38 percent of those whoresponded to the Pew survey said a stranger was responsible”&nbsp(Taylor1).

Amajor problem of zombie in the modern world is the destruction ofhuman dignity. Just like in the historical times, zombies todaydestroy human beings and affect their lives. The results of globalwarming have created hungry, especially child victims. In an essayabout impact of wars, the author states, “Inthe global warming apocalypse, it is a slower process and now theanimals are dying first. In both, it&nbspis humanity`s fault”&nbsp(TheDead 1). For this result, sometimes it is human beings to blame. Forinstance, in the movie Dawnof the Dead,the televangelist states, “Televangelist:Hell is overflowing. And Satan is sending his dead to us. Why?Because you have sex out of wedlock, you kill unborn children. Youhave man-on-man relations”&nbsp(Dawnof Dead 1).

However,human beings have used the modern solutions like medicine to solvesome problems brought about by the zombies. In The Dead text essay,the author writes under a picture of a girl that,“This girl recovered a few years ago because of modern medicine, inthe 17th century,&nbspshe&nbspwould`ve almost certainly died”&nbsp(TheDead 1).The modern medicine in this case serves as a way of ending the roblemcaused by the zombie creators. Similarly, Kallen advises people onorganizations that seek to end the impact of the cell phone zombies.Kallen states, ““Toavoid falling victim to&nbsp“zombie-like”&nbspdistracteddriving behaviors, the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) isproviding drivers with the……tips that can be implemented by anymotorist”&nbsp(Kallen1).Thisshows a sign of hope for solutions that befall the world. All in all,the problem still persists.

Anotherproblem is creating fear and curtailing the freedom of other people.The society is becoming free, but the modern zombies are makingpeople fearful of the unknown. Zombies of the past made people thinkthat other races are less of human beings. The perception of zombiestook a racist view. That is the reason why Americans thought that theorigin of zombies is from Haiti, from black people.

Toillustrate the racist influence of the meaning of zombies inhistorical times, Christie and Lauro state that, “&quotThezombie is one of the few popular Hollywood monsters that come fromoutside Europe rather, it arises out of stories connected to Haitianvoodoo, and&nbspearly zombie fiction in the United States owes muchto fears of Haiti as an independent black republic&quot (Christieand Lauro 9).Similarly, zombies in the modern world tend to create the samefeeling that other people are lesser of human beings and shoulddiscriminated or terrified, especially through the internet.

Whilethe world is changing, the existence of zombies has not changed a lotfrom the historical times. The consistency is because the zombies ofthe modern times relate with those of historical times studied in thetext. This is because of similarity of the features of the modernzombies to those of historical times. In a similar way, the featuresof the creators of zombies in modern world are same with those of thehistorical times. Therefore, the modern world is still facing aproblem of zombies, just as the historical world faced.

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