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RobinHood can succeed in his fight to bring freedom and equality among hispeople only if he develops a strong mission statement. From this caseof Robin Hood, it is evident that Robin and his Merrymen aredetermined to cause conflict with the High Sherriff of Nottingham tofight for justice as well as requite grievances. Robin Hood and histeam are also involved in stealing from the wealthy individuals andgiving the stolen goods to the needy folks. Robin’s mission beganas a personal crusade against High Sheriff of Nottingham. It was hardfor Robin to achieve much when alone. Hence, Robin sought out allies,people with grievances and a profound sense of justice. He welcomedeveryone and only demanded inclination and loyalty to serve in hisrebellion against the Sheriff.

Thereforethe mission of Robin Hood should read,

Aggressivelypursue equality and justice for the common citizens by installing aleadership that bestows empowerment to its people, stealing from therich and giving to the poor. Uniting with all like-minded people toensure equal distribution of the country resources and equality infinance.


RobinHood and Merrymen also need a vision. This defines what the groupwants to be. This is a mounting challenge since the group is growinglarger and larger by each day. It is clear from the case study thatthe simple group that Robin Hood instigated has now grown to alargely diverse and complex organization. It therefore requires astrong vision to stay focused on its goals. Robin is determined toretain his scope and to grow his influence across the region.

Thus,the Vision statement should read,

Toexpand our reach throughout Nottingham and its neighborhoods, as wellimproving and expanding the services we offer. We are focused topromote equality, and ensure that people of Sherwood Forest live inharmony, peace, and unity. Striving to patch the shattered strandsof justice, resource allocation and distribution, and communication.


  • Treat everyone with dignity, honesty, and fairly

  • Maintain high level of moral behavior among individuals and in all activities

  • Always wage war against oppressors and defeat them


  • Depose the High Sheriff of Nottingham from office

  • Unseat Prince John from his position in the Kingdom

  • Create an interim provisional government

  • Assist the Sherwood Forest people to become self-reliant by transforming the system of tax revenue.

  • Release King Richard from jail by jointly working with the magnates

  • Increase services to the people by devising new alternatives that are effective as well as using the available resources appropriately for the benefit of the ordinary citizens.

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