Mini-Case Study Defining Standard Projects at Global Green Books Publishing

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Mini-CaseStudy: Defining Standard Projects at Global Green Books Publishing


Mini-Case Study: Defining Standard Projects at Global Green BooksPublishing

a) The customizedeBooks are different from a standard printing process since they hadunique production steps. Besides, the eBooks had varied layouts,cover designs, and contents. Additionally, each product required aparticular amount of reprint approvals. The complicated process ofthe eBooks makes them a project. In this regard, each product had tobe completed on time. Moreover, the professors and students requestedfor different formats of similar books. Therefore, the organizationneeded to understand and document what each eBook required beforeembarking on production.

b) The students,professors, and learning institutions are the stakeholders in theeBooks project. Notably, the college expected the orders to bedelivered on-time. However, the books were mostly late by a week ortwo. On the other hand, some professors needed rush orders for thesake of their classes. The instructors required to receive the booksin particular formats. Students were also frustrated with the longdelays in book orders. Consequently, Global Green Books needed toadhere to the wishes of their clients by providing high-quality bookorders on time.

c) It isimportant to have a defined project scope to ensure that productiontargets and deadlines are met. Notably, the publishing company neededto understand what each eBook required to be completed successfully.The printing jobs did not all arrive at the same time. Hence, someorders were quite unpredictable with regards to timing and size. Itis also important to ensure that there is agreement about the scopeand what work will be done to produce each eBook. This is because fewof the steps required were listed in each order. Subsequently, thetime estimates for each task were seldom completed until after thework was finished. Employees who were needed to proceed to othertasks were stuck while trying to complete previous duties.Consequently, proper alignment would help to eliminate such lapses.

d) In the ManageProduction phase, supervisors would need to have informationconcerning the work assignments of each worker. He will also need toknow the expenses incurred during each cumulative step of production.Moreover, the supervisor would have to know the established deadlinesfor production to enable him to track the progress of work. Suchinformation would help the individual to oversee the productionprocess. Besides, the supervisor will be in a better position toresolve problems that may lead to avoidable rework or delays insupplying the eBooks to the university.

e) Developing astandard job template would be useful for Global Green Books inseveral ways. Firstly, it would help the company to accomplish alltasks connected with producing eBooks for the institution.Additionally, the duties could be broken down into distinct phases.Hence, different groups of workers can be assigned to fulfill theactivities in each step. For example, employees in the Receive Orderphase would be responsible for verifying each order to ensure thatall details are duly recorded. Such information includes therequester’s name, phone number, and email.

f) The standardjob template should include additional information about specificwork assignments. Each employee should be aware of their range ofduties during the various phases of production. Furthermore, thetemplates should feature the allotted time shifts for each workassignment. Notably, the company endeavors to submit the eBooks ontime. Increased emphasis has been placed on providing students withlow-cost products. Consequently, the standard job template must alsoinclude the expenses incurred during each phase of production.

Work BreakdownStructure for an eBook project

a) The primaryphases of work include Receive Order, Plan Order, Production, andManage Production.

b) In the ReceiveOrder phase, the college’s or professor’s order must be checkedand verified. Such verification helps to confirm details such as therequester’s name, phone number, and email. The order must alsocontain the full list of all contents and the date needed.

In the Plan Orderphase, the company should identify, estimate and assign the desktoppublishing work to production staff. The effort required to collateand produce all eBooks is also measured and scheduled to ensure thatall processes are covered. Furthermore, the equipment needed tocomplete the production is also identified and reserved.

In the Productionphase, permissions for materials are acquired. Also, desktoppublishing tasks are performed to ensure that all content is dulyconverted. The company tasks a quality assistant with checking theproduced eBook against the job and customer orders. The requestedeBook formats are created once quality approvals are issued. Anothercheck is performed to guarantee that the required formats are readyfor release to the institution.

In the ManageProduction phase, a supervisor tracks the progress of workassignments to identify and solve any problems.

c) In the ReceiveOrder phase, some sub-steps occur under the identification of itemsthat will require permissions from the managers. In this regard, allthe essential materials must be included. Furthermore, the professorshould be contacted in case of any problems.

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