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Onceupon a time in the central part of Kenya, a boy named (NAME) wasborn. He saw the world not always as it was but as perhaps could bewith just a little bit of magic. To his mother and father, he was aprince. True, he had no title, no crown, no castle. But he was aruler of his own little kingdom whose borders were the houses andmedals on the forest edge where people lived for generations. Sure heswore to dedicate his life to understanding the causes of theuniverse’s beauty. He wanted to lead his people in protecting andmaintaining the world. However, before he could even grow up, theyhad moved to a more beautiful and vast kingdom with spectacularbuildings and excellent infrastructure. His parents called it. TheUnited States of America. At first, it seemed lonely, and he felt theurge to get back to his people and friends. He wanted to see hislittle kingdom again. Nonetheless, that’s how life is. It takesaway what you adore most. Those who succeed are those who harden upand face the new world with courage and kindness. They have aflexible mind-set and can quickly adapt to the changes brought aboutby nature. (NAME) was one of them. He had to change his mind-set,embrace the new culture, the new world, and the new beginning. Theway he maneuvered his way out was appealing to his family andfriends. I am proud of him. I am proud of myself.

WhenI joined high school, my mother said to me. “You know (NAME) youcan grow up and be anything you want.” I just wanted to be likeher. Just wanted to make a difference. Since that day I lookedforward to making a difference, it was like the definition of growingup in my family. However, I did not know how to make that difference.I wrote down all the accomplishments I wanted to make but none madesense. At the school, I tried to participate in many activities butnone of them that placed me at a distinct position where I could befamous and adored. Nonetheless, there was one thing. I defined it asmy hobby. I love watching soccer, but I had never thought of playing.Then one day my dad brought be soccer shoes, and he said. “You lovewatching it, try playing it.” It was as he woke me from a dream. Itis embarrassing to lose a match, and so I never wanted to face thatdisappointment. At first, my parents had to schlep me to soccerpractice. With a few trials I developed interest and I viewed myselfas a goal maker. I joined some football club and played for theschool varsity team. I wanted to be the best. I wanted to make adifference. At last that day came, during the national football gamesfor high schools last year, I lead my team to win the footballtrophy. I was the top scorer of the year. I received a certificate ofrecognition. That was the turning point of my life. The day I made adifference.

Morehouse essay

Eversince I was young, I adored my little kingdom whose borders were thehomes and medals on the forest edge where people had lived forgenerations. Every night, I walk around my small world that lay indead silence covered by twinkling stars and amazing mountains. Ialways dreamt of dedicating my life into understanding what makes theuniverse beautiful. That was my first time I developed a goal. Iwanted to understand the world and maintain its beauty and serenity.It seemed like merely a fairy tale but my interest in sciences haveconfirmed to me that I have to focus on my college education. At thehigh school, I was ranked as the best footballers. Most soccerplayers have a common goal: making it to National Football League.This is a dream that I cherish. It is an accomplishment that made memake a difference in my world and marked as the transition point frommy childhood to maturity.

Theneed for making a difference has always been my driver to success. Ibelieve your school can quench my thirst for becoming an outstandingstudent both in class and in the field. You are endowed withresources that will equip me with the necessary tools to expand myexperience and restrain any barriers to my future success. Yourpost-modern library will give me a chance to conduct extensiveresearch in my field of study and equip me knowledge that will beuseful in the past college life. You also have a history of leadingin soccer and am thrilled to join a team of winners. The mostenticing thing about your college is your support for students- workprograms. You have made sure that students gain practical experiencebefore graduating.


Ispent most of my leisure time playing soccer. However, from time totime my football club would organize some community services whichranged from teaching at the elementary schools, helping in organizingevents at the nursing homes, visiting children homes hospitals andgarbage collection services. Oneof the charity works that made the greatest impact in my life is onewhere I aided in organizing a family get-together at a nursing homein my town. During this event, I was requested to design andcoordinate performances where the elderly citizens and theirrelatives would take part and make merry. The day was lengthy andcomprised of various activities such as games, shows, and movies.Many people from the community and relatives had made it to theoccasion. This day provided an opportunity to the senior citizens tointeract and enjoy the presence of the &quotoutside world&quot thatthey seldom had. This community service helped have a grasp of howtalented the senior citizens can be. At their age, they hadimpeccable performances that made feel that their families hadsomehow neglected them for letting them leave their sight. I promisedto myself to fully get responsible for my parents at their old ageand never to put them in the nursing homes. I also got fond ofvisiting these homes. They would from time to time tell me storiesthat no parent in this generation would.


GeorgiaTech has a history of being both demanding and challenging. It has noroom for slackers. The rigorousness of the academic life in GeorgiaTech instils a rare motivation to students which give them theability to prosper in their professional lives. The diversity ofGeorgia Tech makes it a perfect place for me to connect with peoplefrom different countries, tribes, races and cultures. It will give mean opportunity to get challenged by other people and develop morecomplex ideas that are logically thought. Other than studying thereis so much in Georgia Tech. Whatever interests you have there isalways something for you to do. At the same time, it gives one enoughtime to reflect and have the kind of life change and compositionsthat will have lifelong impact.

Onething I know for sure is that service to humanity is service to God.Giving back to the society forms a critical part of success. Ibelieve in looking back into your past and making a difference inpeople’s lives. However, charity begins at home. To my family, I amnot only a relative but also a guide. To them, I act like an openbook for them learn from my mistakes and achievements. For instance,my younger siblings look upon me as their mentor. They believe thateverything I do or say is right. It has become my responsibility toteach them how to discern between good and evil. If I want them tomake healthy choices in the future, then I must choose wisely.

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