Measuring Your Life

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MeasuringYour Life


Afterreviewing Clayton Christensen’s approach to measuring one’s life,I intend to measure my life by, first, understanding my life’spurpose. This knowledge will enable me to develop a strategy thatwill help me to allocate my resources more efficiently. After that, Iwill seek the &quotTools of Cooperation.&quot These tools willenable to me to gain insights into the methods of elicitingcooperation from my workmates and loved ones. To make sure that Iremain track, I will hold on to my principles 100% this will empowerme to avoid all extenuating circumstances. I will also practicehumility by regarding others with high esteem and trying to learnsomething from everyone that I meet. Finally, I will evaluate eachphase of my life, whether positive or negative, with regard to thenumber of lives that I impact positively.

Themost impactful advice that Christensen offered was focusing on thenumber of lives that one changes instead of the level of prominencethat one accrues. I always viewed success in terms of monetaryaffluence. Christensen’s counsel offered me a better understandingof life I now believe that success is defined by the amount ofpositive impact that one brings into the world.

Clayton’sknowledge equips students with innovation and management theories toenhance their capacity to create stronger enterprises. I will utilizethis information to improve my decision-making capacity in my area ofwork. I will also use this knowledge to understand how to lead abetter life. For example, Frederick Herzberg’s view on motivationhas helped me to realize that the opportunity to learn, grow, berecognized, and contribute offers one more incentive than money.

Lastly,Christensen’s assertions will help me to maintain integrity in mypersonal and professional life. Since I intend to avoid allextenuating circumstances, I will always abide by the law in all myvocational and personal interactions. I will never allow the &quotjustthis once&quot mentality to cloud my judgment.

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