Marketing Plan for IT Today

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MarketingPlan for IT Today

Overviewof the Company

ITToday is an emerging company that focuses on offering technicalassistance to people as technology becomes complicated. New gadgetsand applications seem to be challenging to most consumers based onthe high number of calls and returns made to vendors (Lim, Zhao,Tondeur, Chai &amp Tsai, 2013). Apparently, the customer servicedepartments established by manufacturing companies and retail storeshave been overwhelmed by the situation. The analysis of the situationreveals that most consumers do not have time to carry outinstallation and assembly procedures.

MarketingMix Analysis on IT Today


ITToday`s business idea involves offering technical assistance to alarge number of people who either have the inadequate expertise orlack time to carry out the implementation of software and assembly ofgadgets. It also offers networking solutions to domestic andindustrial users. New items emerge as technology continues toprogress (Lim et al., 2013). For instance, smartphone companies suchas Samsung and HTC upgrade their products periodically. AndroidSoftware Company also tends to release superior versions ofapplications within consistent periods. The rapid changes tend tofacilitate numerous complaints regarding phones which becomeunresponsive when their users attempt to upgrade their operatingsystem to higher forms. People develop frustrations when they do notreceive help within time. The firm has a competitive advantagebecause it is operating in a sector that has been less exploited,thus will emerge as one of the pioneers in the industry.

IT Today can build a brand whose focus is to assure customers thattheir services are the best by offering warranties of approximatelytwo months within the service contracts. The rationale for thisapproach is to create a perception that the firm’s technicians arecompetent and IT Today is confident that their methods work and arenot afraid to offer a written guarantee. Secondly, the trademarkshould be built around the aspect of rapid and round the clockresponses. This strategy would portray IT Today as dependable, thuscapable of meeting efficiency-related needs of individuals. Modernpeople do not want to be limited by the aspect of time as highlightedby the adoption of night shift operations in most corporations. Thisdirection will make the enterprise an active competitor in thetechnology industry. Whereas manufacturers offer after sale andcustomer services, they hardly provide quick responses. Most of themdo not address such issues at night. Otherwise, a lot of people wouldnot be facing a lot of challenges with their items.


Thedistribution channel of IT Today is simple because it involvesoffering technical assistance to people when they call. It beginsfrom the advertisement of services using an integrated marketing.They can establish mini outlets in the regions they intend to coverto facilitate a rapid and round the clock response as well asminimize travelling-related expenses and risks. The central officeshould act as the link to all the subsidiary stations. In thisarrangement, customer service providers redirect calls made bycustomers to appropriate outlets depending on location. One of theresponsibilities of the agents in the outlets is to gather as muchinformation as people regarding clients’ locality, the nature oftheir problems, and the level of their urgency. These pieces ofinformation will facilitate the proper strategy formulation, thusdetermining the number of agents to be dispatched for duty. Thenumber of workers depends on the magnitude of the task to be handledas described by consumers. Sending a team, rather than an individual,to solve a problem is consistent with the company’s vision ofoffering technical assistance within the shortest time possible. Theargument is that a group of people can work relatively fastercompared to an individual.

Complextasks are broken down into smallest possible parts to facilitate thedevelopment of appropriate systems to solve them within a minimumduration. The location of the outlets, the business strategy, and thedelivery process aims at enhancing time efficiency. This approachwill further improve the brand of the company amidst increasedcompetition. With time, people will begin to depend on the servicesof IT Today because of the value they obtain from the company’srapid response. The contemporary society has become time sensitivebecause individuals prefer to do a lot of things within a shortperiod to achieve maximum output. The firm is likely to outperformelectronic product manufacturers because they lack focus. Theyusually take an extended period to respond to customer concerns.


Theinfluence imposed on IT Today by competitors is likely to be highbecause most manufacturers tend to offer free after sale services toconsumers as a means of encouraging them their loyalty. Secondly,most retailers have a policy which allows customers to returndefective goods or those which seem complicated to operate. IT Todayshould develop adequate leverage to counter this threat. Forinstance, the company can exploit the sluggish nature of the servicesoffered by manufacturers and retailers. Establishing a rapid responseis one of the approaches which the enterprise can use to address therelated risk. The company should also implement a robust costleadership strategy to minimize the cost of their services. Thedistribution channel of IT Today is short, thus providing theopportunity to reduce the operational expenses. The same advantageshould be distributed along the value chain to reach the consumer.

Reducedoperational cost provides a leverage which the company can use to cutservice costs (Hemmatfar, Salehi &amp Bayat, 2010). The aim is tomake customers feel that it is worth paying a small fee for asatisfying response rather than saving that amount only to beinconvenienced by the company which sold them products. People arelikely to be contented by the efficient operations of IT Today,faster response, reduced fee, conclusiveness of results, and thewarranty that comes with signing the service contract (Hassan, 2012).The firm can also offer discounts to customers who seek requestmultiple services.


Thebest promotional strategy involves integrated marketing. Thisapproach is essential because it facilitates the coverage of a widegeographical area and all age groups because it combines variousadvertisement methods. For instance, social media has increasinglybecome synonymous with people aged between 18 and 40 years. The oldergeneration tends to maintain traditional practices such newspaperreading, television watching, and listening to radios. Likewise,there are places where it easy to access a particular media comparedto others. Resource availability also dictates people’s interactionwith media outlets. People’s ability to handle technology is alsolikely to be a determinant regarding an individual’s preferences.In this case, it is unrealistic to focus on one type of informationchannel when it is apparent that a lot of factors determine howpeople receive news. An aggressive marketing and advertisementstrategy is essential for building a strong brand and raising peopleawareness regarding the services to be offered. A robust trademarkwould push the company to the top of the ladder and enable it toovercome every competition in the market (Ghodeswar, 2008).


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