Management Information System Google Technologies

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ManagementInformation System: Google Technologies

ManagementInformation System: Google Technologies

Technologyhas impacted all aspects of human life directly or indirectly. Googleis among the leading technology companies that have made asignificant breakthrough by providing technology that enhance thelives of the people. The paper will analyze five of thesetechnologies, including self-driving cars, project Jacquard, projectwing, smart contact lens, and the flying wind turbine.

TheFive Google Projects under Research or Development

GoogleSelf-driving Cars could be one of the most significant discoveries ofthe century. These cars are developed with the capacity to navigatethrough the streets safely. They are fitted with software that helpsthem to detect any type of object in all directions (Google, 2016).The technology helps people who do not have the ability to drive(including the elderly and people living with disabilities) enjoyautomobiles.

Jacquardis an ongoing research project that will help Google weave gestureand touch interactivity into textile using conventional industriallooms. The aim of the wearable technology is to convert clothes intointeractive surfaces (Amadeo, 2016).

ProjectWing was initiated in 2014 and it is expected that it will belaunched in 2017. The purpose of the project is to deliver itemsusing unmanned vehicles, also known as drones (Grothaus, 2016).

Smartcontact lens was developed by Google with the objective of helpingpeople who are suffering from diabetes assess the level of sugar intheir tears (Amadeo, 2016). The smart lens uses miniaturized sensors,chips, and hair-thin antennas to determine the level of glucose andtransmit the data.

Theflying wind turbine project known as Makani was initiated with theobjective of tapping wind in high levels where turbines that aremounted on the ground cannot reach. The project is based on the ideathat wind that flows high up in the atmosphere moves at a higherspeed, which makes it possible to generate more electricity (Amadeo,2016).


Theability of the software to predict the movement of the surroundingprojects is among the most significant discoveries made in theself-driving cars. For example, the software can predict thedirection that a pedestrian is likely to walk, which commands the carto stop or continue moving (Google, 2016). The cars are moreintelligent and sensitive than human drivers.

Oneof the interesting findings about Project Jacquard is the fact thatJacquard yarns that are being used by Google can be woven on any typeof industrial loom since it is indistinguishable from conventionalyarns (Amadeo, 2016). It is possible to convert ordinary textile intointeractive surfaces.

Theability of the drones to identify secure locations from wherecustomers can pick their parcels is one of the most interestingdiscoveries of Project Wing (Grothaus, 2016). The parcels are pickedby their rightful owners, in good condition, and within a short time.

Theability to determine the sugar levels without inflicting pain onpatients is among the key discoveries associated with the smartcontact lens (Amadeo, 2016). The lens provides a non-invasiveapproach used to monitor the sugar levels on a regular basis.

Theability of Google to suspend turbines and kites in the air andgenerate electricity of up to 6,000 kW is a discovery that isassociated with the flying wind turbine project (Amadeo, 2016). Thetechnology will make a contribution to the production of renewableenergy, which will address the issue of environmental pollution.

Improvingthe Society

Althoughall Google projects and innovations have a direct impact on thesociety, self-driving cars will enhance the lives of the people morethan the rest of the technologies. These vehicles will empower peoplewho have lost the ability to drive (including the disabled persons)by giving them an opportunity to enjoy automobiles. Most importantly,the technology will reduce accidents since it is more accurate thanhuman drivers. For example, it is estimated that 94 % of the roadaccidents result from human errors, which implies that the cars willenhance the level of safety on the roads (Google, 2016).

Inconclusion, Google has made a significant impact on the lives of thepeople by offering technologies that resolve issues that people faceon a daily basis. Most of the road accidents are associated withhuman errors. The self-drive cars will change the lives of the morethan other types of technology by reducing accidents.


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