Lockheed Martin’s Compliance Efforts

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LockheedMartin’s Compliance Efforts

LockheedMartin’s Compliance Efforts

LockheedMartin business has an impressive homepage that is easy to navigatewhen searching for specific information. The homepage contains thebusiness policy that is well communicated to the end users. Thepolicy communication is done through a link “Terms of Use” in thelower part of the page (Lockheed Martin, 2016). The policy involvesall business activities, especially the technological innovations anddevelopments that are founded on three important pillars namelyenergy, environment, safety and health. In addition, the homepageindicates compliance and reporting systems through a “Contact Us”link. The link shows that the company is committed to ensure thatthere is an enabling procedure for communicating, reporting andconfirming policies.

Forbest practices of ethics and control, Lockheed Martin has specificexecutives charged with managing ethics and compliance. There is adetailed diligence of protocol for compliance that indicates thatsuch programs demonstrate high commitment than just mare words.Moreover, the business homepage has compliance programs of hiring andpromotions. There are programs that have been set aside by thecompany to offer equal training opportunities for prospectiveemployees (Lockheed Martin, 2016). However, as indicated, suchtraining is not merely enough (Tarantino, 2012). For this reason, thecompany has regular blog posts for information that seek to ensurethat trainings are reflected in the company’s page.

Onconsistent discipline and future offenses, the home page has terms ofuse and privacy policies. They are communicated in the businesshomepage through links. Such compliance information ultimatelyensures that there is proper understanding of the expectations byboth the user and the employees. Such information is also meant toensure that all employees observe and implement all complianceprograms as demonstrated by the company.


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