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Primarily,the process of literature search is aimed at developing new argumentsfrom the available information that is published concerning the topicunder investigation (Norman,2012).As such, the researcher searches for literature that concerns theresearch topic to act as a guide to relate the information with theprevailing research that is under study. In this case, the process ofliterature search encompasses accessing the literature databases thatare relevant to the topic under perspective. On this note, theresearcher uses key words in search of the relevant contents andasseses the contained information (Norman,2012).Further, the researcher should compare or contrast the ideas that arecontained in the various articles while highlighting the trends thatare evident from the information and stipulate the inconsistencieswithin the proposed research, while suggesting the future researchthat should be covered on the topic. On this note, this paperelaborates the process of literature search on a nursing topic“Comparisonof pain management practices”.In this case, various dimensions on pain management shall be coverednecessitating a diverse search process that leads to diverse searchresults from the databases.

SummaryofLiterature Search

Inthe literature search process, the researcher was interested infinding reliable information on the topic “Comparisonof pain management practices.”In this case, nurses use various elements in alleviating pain duringtheir profession. However, the effectiveness of such practices variesdepending on the type of administration used, and the active elementin the prescription among other factors (Barr et al., 2013). Underthe proposed study, the researcher tries to compare the effectivenessof various approaches in pain management practices during nursing. Inthis case, the following terms were used in the research NSAIDs(non-steroidalanti-inflammatory drugs),antidepressants, anti-seizure, Steroids, Therapy, TENS, Meditation,Visual Imagery, and relaxation Techniques. Regarding this,antidepressants can improve sleep, as well as alleviate pain, whileanti-seizures are effective in managing pain that relates to damageand injuries that affect nerves steroids alleviate inflammation andpain (Barretal., 2013).Other pain management practices are also evaluated that includetherapy, relaxation, massage, and visual imagery.

Inthis case, the researcher first searched for information from thedatabase concerning definition of pain management. Notably, therewere some results that were produced concerning pain management withover 100 results but majority of them were not general but ratherfocused on pain related to specific health conditions.

Inregard to conventional medical pain management practices, that is,antidepressants, anti-seizure, Steroids, Therapy, there were numerousresults from the various databases. Indeed, there were about 35search results from Proquest, 26fromResearch gate, over 30 fromPubMed, Google Scholar (over 100). In comparing the effectiveness ofmedication pain management with other conventional means, theresearcher reviewed databases that concerns TENS, Meditation, VisualImagery, and relaxation Techniques. In this case, Google Scholar wasused for this review with over 200 results. However, throughscreening the articles using data parameters, the researcher reducedto about 50.

Informationthat various articles contained varied in depth regarding informationcoverage (Finfgeld&amp Johnson, 2013).Concerning the pain management, articles realized from the Proquest,PubMed, and Research gate contained an in-depth elaboration of thepain management and sources of such pains. Moreover, concerningmedical related pain management, the information realized from PubMedis more comprehensive and has an in-depth analysis on the negativeand positive effects. In this case, literature from Proquest,Research gate, and Pubmed was more comprehensive as they deliberatedon the advantages and disadvantages of medical methods of painmanagement. Finally, a hierarchy concerning alternative means of painmanagement was divulged widely by sources in Pubmed.


Toconduct a reliable research, it is imperative that the researcherreviews the appropriate literature that concerns the topic underinvestigation. In doing this, it is integral that the researcher usesdata from reliable libraries. On this note, the researcher shouldconsider appropriateness of the literature screen the articles toget the most recent sources, while also relying on the reliablelibraries. Finally, one should consider the search keywords that arerelevant to the proposed topic as demonstrated in the topic researchabove.


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