Linking Strategy to HRM Practices Level

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LinkingStrategy to HRM Practices


Right People

Right Way

Right Things

Right Development

Level 5

Maintaining talent timelines:

The HR offers training and development of employees on their talent and creativity.

Influencing strategy:

The HR will offer training to develop employees’ talent.

Operational use of goals:

The HR will ensure that he refines the goals of the employees based on their talent achievement.

Building talent pipelines:

The HR will meet with other managers to discuss the staffing needs of the business and how to improve on how the employees are trained and developed.

Level 4

Forecasting talent needs:

The HR will be given a report indicating the performance of the employees, which he will use to forecast on the talent needs of the firm.

Calibrating performance:

The HR will meet with other managers to agree on the employees that contribute to the firm’s profitability.

Coordinating effort:

All employees will be assigned goals that are aimed at achieving the overall strategic goals of the organization.

Encouraging career growth:

Career development programs will be established for the employees that are key players of the firm.

Level 3

Building talent pools:

The HR will receive reports indicating the number of hires in a given year.

Basing decisions on performance:

Decisions are made based on the top performing employees.

Creating meaningful goals:

Every employee will create his or her own goal the achievement of the overall strategic goal of the firm.

Business-driven development:

The managers will also be evaluated based on the turnover they bring to the organization and the skills they possess.

Inthis essay of linking the strategies of a firm to its Human ResourceManagement (HRM) practices, I considered Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Thecompany is in the wholesale industry that has been known to have agood relationship with its employees, a low turnover rate, and a highemployee retention ratio. In this table, I considered three levels ofdecisions: level 5, which is the highest level of maturity, level 4and level 3 (Karataðs-Özkan,Nicolopoulou, &amp Özbilgin,2014). Here,I determined the right people for linking the strategies, the rightways, the right things and the right development. Level five offerstraining and development of employees to maintain the talenttimelines. Here, the employees’ talent and creativity will increaseas they are trained. The right way to do this is to train themregularly. The correct thing to do for this strategy to work is toalign their goals based on their talent. To ensure that the employeesare developed in the right way the managers will have to discuss onhow they will have to be trained.

Inlevel four, the right people for this strategic decision are thesenior managers including the HR. The right way for this decision tobe implemented is to agree on the employees that contribute to thecompany’s profitability (Karataðs-Özkan,Nicolopoulou, &amp Özbilgin,2014). Wal-marthas a strategy where they reward the top performing employees andoffer guidance to the low performing ones. Here, all employees oughtto be assigned specific goals and the firm ought to establish careerdevelopment programs.

Inlevel three, the right personnel for building the talent pool is theHR. He will do this by making decisions based on the top performingemployees (Karataðs-Özkan,Nicolopoulou, &amp Özbilgin,2014). Here,each employee will have to create their own goals and the managerswill have to be evaluated based on their skills and the profitabilitythey bring to the firm.


Karataðs-Özkan,M., Nicolopoulou, K., &amp Özbilgin,M. (2014). Corporatesocial responsibility and human resource management.Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Pub. Ltd. retrieved on 12 August 2016.

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