Letter to Professor

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Letterto Professor

Hello,sir, my name is Katya, a student in Baruch College taking the MathClass. I took this class in the spring semester, but I did not passas I got a poor grade (grade D). I would like to bring it to yourattention that I have visited your office a couple of times to seekyour advice but all in vain.

BeforeI decided to contact you, I did make an attempt to email my lecturerProfessor Jordan, though he did not respond. His silence made mechange my thought to seek your advice because you are the head of thedepartment, and your decision is final. Though I need you to considerchanging my grade, I am aware that in academics hard work is requiredto achieve the desired grades. I wanted to know the possibility ofretaking this class because this is the only way my grade would bechanged. I know this is summer, and hardly can I find anybody inschool to attend to my issue. Sir, if you consider it better, kindlylet me know when you are available in your office so that I will comeand talk to you, face to face, about it. I know I may interfere withyour private businesses during this period, but it is for the sake ofmy studies.

Iwanted to join Zicklin School, but it is impossible with this gradein Math. If I retake for the last time, I will do my best to pass sothat I will get an admission in Zicklin. Your decision will determinemy future, and I kindly request that you consider it appropriately.

Ihope you will be kind enough to consider my request. It will enableme to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks in advance.



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