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Analysisof Photographs by Gueorgui Pinkhassova

Thefirst thing that I noticed when studying the portfolio of photographsis the different mode of prayers. Pinkhassova uses the photographs toshow how people engage in different prayer styles. One picture showsa monk praying inside a temple in a lying position (77). Anotherpicture shows a Muslim kneeling and praying inside a library (75).The photograph, that attracted my attention immediately, is the monkpraying while lying on the floor (77). This prayer position is uniquebecause of the lying position that shows complete submission. Theimage that attracted my attention for long duration is the prayingbaseball team (73). This is because they trust that God ensuressporting success. I feel comfortable with the image of the manpraying before a meal (79). This is because my family has the cultureof thanking God before meals.

Thephotographs show diversity in the society. The people in the imagesare from different religions for example, Christian, Buddhist,Muslim, and Monk. Each photograph is unique. The photograph showingbaseball team praying indicates high levels of teamwork anddedication (73). The photograph showing lying monk illustrates theneed to pray in secrecy or isolation. Image showing a Muslim prayingin kneeling position indicates complete submission when serving God(75). The inference that I can show is that the society has peoplewho believe in God and worship in different ways.

Pinkhassovais making a statement using the portfolio of photographs. Thestatement shows that the American society is diverse hence, peopleshould embrace each other. People in the picture are from differentraces. The baseball players are white, and they are Christiansbecause of their praying position (73). The man praying before eatingis Hindu American because of the white turban on his head (79). Theman in kneeling and bowing position is Islam American (75). Americansshould strive to understand and respect the different cultures,practices, skills and thoughts of other people at the local,national, and international levels.


Gueorgui,Pinkhassova. Observingthe Ordinary.Mardigian Library, 2016. Print.

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