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AccordingtoKaur &amp Ghani (2012),many arithmetic learners lack confidence in understanding theelementary concepts. Many students cannot relate the importance ofmathematics to their lives. It is ironic since we apply mathematicsin every aspect of life. Many scholars confronted bad experiences asthey learned math(Kaur &amp Ghani, 2012).Those occurrences haunt their perceptions about arithmetic even intheir advanced age.

Manypeople feel anxious while attending mathematics classes. Hence,learners tend to avoid incidences that demand application of math.Other unfavorable encounters while learning math are the lack ofsupport from adults, especially the community. It is because numeracyreceives less attention and support from the community thanliterature. The positive experiences in learning arithmetic includethe use of various exotic class designs such as student groupsthrough which the students exchange their knowledge and skills in anexciting and participatory way. Mathematics includes numerals andother interesting art-related activities such as the drawing ofcharts and graphs, which are exciting events (Kaur&amp Ghani, 2012).

Creatinga positive culture in mathematics can yield certain results in skillsand career milestones (Kaur&amp Ghani, 2012). The learner needs to recognize the importance of learning math andthe benefits of acquiring arithmetic skills. According to Kaur&amp Ghani (2012),our mindsets determine our success. Learners need to believe thattheir mathematical skills are not fixed and can grow hence theirattitudes towards mathematics can change. Students should recognizethe effort that learning demands and acknowledge that they are up tothe task and that the effort is worth it.

Thoughseeking help allows one to gain further experience, I find it hard toseek assistance in mathematics. My fragile confidence in arithmeticmakes it feel like am exposing my level of ignorance in the subject.However, seeking help increases my self-esteem in math especiallyafter I have been able to master the problem. Seeking help inmathematics is an emotional but fulfilling process.


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