Leadership and Management Article Critique

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Leadershipand Management Article Critique

Thearticle “GlobalNursing Leadership”has been written by Pamela Thompson and Kristiina Hyrkas. Theeditorial has presented different themes that are critical in thefield of nursing. One of the issues addressed by the publication isglobal nursing leadership. According to the authors, globalizationhas helped nurse leaders to understand and take initiatives in thearea of nursing emanating from the changes that are occurring due toreforms (Thompson &amp Hyrkas, 2014). Since health restructuringsare happening all over the world, there is a need for leaders to takea significant position in formulating and implementing changes thatwould ensure efficient services in care provision.

Anothertheme that emerges in the article concerns the transformation ofnursing. According to the authors, transformation of nursing is thebiggest challenge in the 21stcentury. Nursing leadership in the universe requires activeparticipation in education, practice, research, as well as policyareas. In achieving the transformation process, directors in nursingshould be super active within the national and multinationaldecision-making initiatives (Thompson &amp Hyrkas, 2014).Furthermore, the article has also discussed the issue of innovation.The authors posit that nursing leaders should innovate and explore soas to discover the steps towards realizing excellence for individualsthey lead and serve. An important issue that nurse leaders shouldfocus on is sharing their knowledge and experiences with colleaguesaround the globe. This would be crucial in providing an innovativesetting (Thompson &amp Hyrkas, 2014). Moreover, the article hasdiscussed the theme of globalization. According to the authors,nursing has become a universal need, and there is a necessity forpeople to work together, despite being from diverse nations orcommunities. As such, it is possible for nursing professionals toshare their expertise with other individuals from differentcountries. Therefore, globalization has made it easy to attain somechanges that could not have been feasible through creatingappropriate reforms.

Thearticle has provided a very informative guide concerning globalleadership in nursing. From the article, I agree that there is a needfor nursing leaders to share knowledge and experiences with theircolleagues. Through sharing the experiences and information, it wouldbe exceedingly critical in enhancing health services all over theglobe. For instance, through the exchanges, leaders from differentcountries would be in a position to improve the laws that guide theprovision of adequate care. Also, it would be feasible to come upwith reforms that would emphasize the need for enhanced services inhealth. Furthermore, I agree with the article on the issue ofinnovation. There is a need for leaders in the nursing field to becreative in developing regulations that would aid in making healthservices better. Failure to consider novelty would imply that itwould be difficult to attain quality care. In addition, I have theopinion that the article is right in highlighting the qualities thatnurse leaders should have in ensuring the appropriate transformationof the nursing care. For instance, the editorial has indicated thatleaders are supposed to have the ability to accommodate diversity inorder to enable an organization to resolve challenges that mayoriginate from a failure of including staff from various parts andcommunities.

Theinformation provided in the article can be applied in modern nursingso as to realize improvements in the offering of nursing care.Moreover, people that are in leadership positions can use theinformation in enhancing successful treatment options to the patientswho seek health services. For instance, they can be involved indeveloping reforms that improve the wellbeing of individuals. Thearticle is significant in life experiences since it provides valuablelessons that I can use as a leader in ensuring that an organizationachieves the best in the provision of care. Alternatively, theexperience that would be obtained through reading the article can beutilized in preparing for the future role of a nurse leader.


Thompson,P. &amp Hyrkas, K. (2014), Global nursing leadership. Journalof Nursing Management,22: 1–3. doi:10.1111/jonm.12215.

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