Kimberly-Clark Sustainability Report

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Kimberly-ClarkSustainability Report


Doesit appear that Kimberly-Clark is responding to traditional marketdemand patterns, or are they being proactive about what is best fortheir customers?

Kimberly-Clarkappears to be about what is best for their customers. Consumers havebecome dependent on sustainability reports of corporations in theirendeavor to acquire their respective products. Sustainability formsthe corporate image of a company since it gives the stakeholders andthe employees the ability to judge the progress and profitability ofan organization from the sustainability report (Confino, 2013). Firmsoperating in both local and international markets are under pressurefrom various stakeholders like government and environmental groups toparticipate in activities that are environment friendly. Customersprefer products that are manufactured with environmentalconsciousness.

Theincrease in competition from other multinational corporations likeProcter and Gamble (P&ampG) who produce the same products,Kimberly-Clark (K-C) needs to improve its market strategies. Thereliance on traditional market demands patterns would have an adverseeffect on the company. Thus, K-C is proactive in improving theirrelationship with customers. When the customers are satisfied withwhat is being offered, they often tend to be loyal to the product.The report gives insightful information that enables the customershave a feeling that they are purchasing products that supportenvironment conservation. By conservation efforts the K-C company hasthe ability to preserve the environment for future generations.

Thefact that K-C brand touches more than 1.3 billion consumers italready has a wide platform to improve lives and communities of manypeople globally. K-C projects like provision of diapers to momsthrough their diaper banks, funding bone marrow transplants, andsupporting medical research are some of the humanitarian projectsthat the company engages in. Customers favor a company that supportstheir activities (Kimberly-Clark, 2010). Through the causes, K-C isable to create a lasting relationship with their consumers in themarket. The company engages in the humanitarian projects throughfinancial contributions, volunteer time and product donations(Kimberly-Clark, 2010).

Howdo you think the average customer will respond to the informationcontained in the report?

Ithink the average customer will respond positively to the informationcontained in the sustainability report. It shows that the company iswilling to embrace the need to tackle ethical and environmentalproblems facing the business (Confino, 2013). The report provides aframework for addressing non-financial risks and opportunities.Consumers are motivated by businesses that create transparency andaccountability in their management.

Explainhow this is an example of targeted economic development.

K-Csustainability report is an example of targeted economic development.It is a synthesized approach towards the analysis of a community, andregional economy such that there is identification of options forattraction, expansion or retention (Kimberly-Clark, 2010). K-C isconsistent with expanding their brand to the global arena. Accordingto Confino (2013), this provides an avenue for growth in the marketsthat are unexploited. Investing in Russia provides the option forexpansion into emerging economies.

Contrastwith this a general example of economic growth.

Although,the initiative is considered as a significant opportunity for K-C inRussia, it does not lead to economic growth. In contrast witheconomic growth, targeted economic development is a poor predictor offuture economic growth.

Describethe various relationships and partnerships in which Kimberly-Clark iscurrently engaged.

Partnersplay a vital role in improving the reputation and customer base of acompany. K-C Corporation has various relationship and partnershipwith various stakeholders in the market. K-C is a partner to variousorganizations in the United States (US). The firm values inclusionand workplace diversity in their business operations. It seeks to beone of the most recognized organizations in the global arena. K-C hasmade efforts that create an environment where all stakeholders areincluded in their operation. This fosters binding relationship andprovides an environment with difference and success in nature. K-Ccompany establishment of diversity council on different continentsacross the world ensures that diversity and inclusion are incorporatein their business activities. This helps in strengthening theemployment brand, customer understanding and internal engagement.

K-CCorporation has also formed partnerships with numerous communitygroups like United Way, National Latina Health Network, and March ofDimes among others (Kimberly-Clark, 2010). This collaborationassists in building responsiveness on the corporation and itsreadiness to make improved expectations.

Additionally,K-C Corporation was formed in a way that they have the ability toaddress the plight facing children. The manufacturing of productslike Huggies diapers has it importance both to the firm andcustomers. In Russia, the brand has provided a channel of raisingfunds through a partnership with Korablik and Podari Zhizn. The fundsare meant for kids with cancer (Kimberly-Clark, 2010).

Thecorporate partnership with Boys &amp Girls Clubs of America (BGCA)aims at building of stronger families and offer protection to themost vulnerable children in the society. K-C provides funds thatassist in helping parents on improving their social and culturaldevelopment by providing opportunities for literacy and technologicalgrowth. It also supports child survival programs through UNICEF. K-Cmotivates and inspires the employees and customers into contributingto UNICEF programs that work towards saving and improving the livesof children (Kimberly-Clark, 2010). Other relationships andpartnerships K-C are involved includes United Way, Kleenex, MedShareInternational, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWayTransport, Walmart and Greenspace. The organization aims at improvingsustainability aspects of the company and the ability to deliverstandardized products in the market.

Howhave government agencies helped Kimberly-Clark in their objective tobuild sustainability not only into their product lines but also intotheir operations?

Governmentis one of the major partners of K-C. The government provideslegislation on various activities that companies engage in themarket. It has helped K-C in building sustainability on everydimension of the enterprise.

Howhas Kimberly-Clark responded to these government agencies, as well asnonprofit agencies and consumers, in their currentbusiness&nbspmodel?

Thegovernment push for greenhouse gases (GHG) reductions is in line withK-C commitment to cut GHG emissions from their supply and productionchains. The Corporation has responded to the government directive byreducing the amount of fresh water they use in their manufacturingprocess.


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Kimberly-Clark Sustainability Report

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Kimberly-ClarkSustainability Report

Kimberly-ClarkSustainability Report

Oneof the differentiating attributes of Kimberly-Clark Company is itsproactive approach of meeting market demand patterns. The company isfocused to respond to all emerging demand forces in the environmentthrough development of innovative products and services (Report,2010). However, one of the most significant values upheld inKimberly-Clark Company is doing business that is good for theenvironment and that fulfills the interests of its consumers andclientele. The policy is a key value that has been held by thecompany for almost one hundred and forty years since it began itsoperations. This company has been able to implement and enact thisvalue throughout its operations by innovating business strategiesthat are aimed at maintaining a sustainable growth (Report, 2010).Kimberly-Clark firmly believes that having sustainable businessstrategies in a business develops critical benefits that ensurecontinued business existence and growth.

Theaverage customer is more likely to shift in decision making processesespecially when purchasing products. This report contains crucialinformation that highlights the need of implementing sustainabilitywhen doing business through making decisions that impact theenvironment positively. While it is essential to respond to immergingconsumer demand in the market there is a need of ensuring that futureneeds are also taken into considerations (Report, 2010). Thus, anormal customer is more likely to influence positively in his or herway of thinking and also in the way of doing things. This is becausethe report contains more solutions to the problems that the world isfacing due to lack of poor sustainable goals.

Thisis an example of a targeted economic development report due to thespecific goals that are set by the company. There are generally threepillars of sustainability that make this report an excellent economicdevelopment report under the categories of the people, planet andproducts (Report, 2010). For instance, under the sustainable goals ofthe people, Kimberly-Clark has ensured that there are sociallyfocused programs. This is specifically to the general employeesworking at the company as well as the people from where the companyis running its operations. This means that the company ensures thatall programs are aimed at bringing about benefits to the employeesand the communities (McKenzie-Mohr, 2013). In addition, this focusalso aims to ensure that there are no harmful actions or goals thatare likely to jeopardize the values set by the company.

Additionally,the company has set up sustainable development goals aimed topreserve the environment under which all business activities arecarried out. This is by utilizing scarce resources in manner thatdoes not encourage depletion or destruction. For instance, thecompany has set up strategies that ensure water reduction by twentyfive percent, while at the same time acquiring raw materials fromsupplies that are strictly certified and are compliant to socialstandards (Report, 2010). Kimberly-Clarks also ensure that allresultant waste products are manufactured to sustain the environmentsuch as through landfills. However, one of the most significant roleplayed by Kimberly-Clark Company, is the idea of changing the actionsand thinking of new consumers every day (Report, 2010). This is byencouraging business activities and decisions that are ultimatelyaimed at sustaining the environment.

Kimberly-Clarkhas set up broad relationships with a variety of partners in ensuringthat it meets its development goals. The first major relationshipestablished as seen in the report is with its employees (Report,2010). The company has ensured that this relationship is establishedand strengthened mainly by having programs that are beneficial to itsemployees. It is important to note employees become brand ambassadorsof the company image in the market. They are vital partners who arerequired to explain company goals and values to the people and thusbring about changes in consumer thinking and actions (McKenzie-Mohr,2013). They are also play crucial role in monitoring, controlling andevaluating the company’s programs as well as strategies.

Inaddition, there are other companies that are affiliated to similardevelopment goals as seen in Kimberly-Clark Company (Report, 2010).Such are partners whose main agenda and goal is implementingsustainable development business activities in the market. Thus, theybecome ideal partners to Kimberly-Clark as they help share ideas,challenges as well as help develop new effective innovativestrategies (McKenzie-Mohr, 2013).

Thereare other broad partnerships such as with the government that helpdevelop policies that ultimately bring about sustainability.Kimberly-Clark Company may communicate viable sustainable orientedproposals to government agencies with the aim of brining aboutchanges in the business environment (Report, 2010). Such proposals byKimberly-Clark, on sustainability, may be implemented hence makinggovernment partners an important factor in the process of sustainabledevelopmental growth.

Inaddition, there are other important partners such as the consumers,consumers, shareholders and the larger community, who without, thevision of Kimberly-Clark, may not be achieved (Report, 2010). Thebroad spectrum of partnership is crucial at very stage and therefore,there is need of building positive relationships that will ensurethat every partner play their important role in every stage of theprocess (McKenzie-Mohr, 2013). Kimberly-Clark has made huge stridesin ensuring such relationships are built in accordance with thecompany’s values and aimed to meet the set goals.


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