Justification for a Just War

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Justificationfor a Just War

Justificationfor a Just War

Ajust war is one that is fought for reasons that can be justified. Thereasons need to carry enough moral weight. The main reason for wagingjust war is to purify the wrongs that have been committed to acountry (Pollock, 2014).

Someof the causes of a just war include, the need for self-defense, orwhen an aggressor invades a country. When the enemy makes it past theborders, then there is a need to start a war to protect the territory(Regan, 2013). Also, just war may occur when there is anassassination of important persons, or when an aggressor attacks theembassy, religion, or the economy of that particular country.

Ajust war can also be declared when there’s an invasion of an allynation. The state is allowed to make a moral decision to support theally at war, so as to maintain and strengthen their ties. Assisting afriendly nation is a form of protection as the aggressor is mostlikely a common enemy (Regan, 2013).

Ajust war may also be a form of punishment to a person or an entirecountry, or a leader of another nation. There are a lot of criticsfor this as they feel this can never be a just punishment. A war ofpunishment can be presumed to be just if it is proportionate to thecrime that was committed.

Warcan be assumed to be just if the force is the only tool that needs tobe used to stop malicious activities. It is thus important todetermine what defines ‘evilness,` as a person or nation maypossess different perspectives on what seems aggressive (Pollock,2014). Most people perceive a just cause to be the one that isproclaimed against an act that has the capability to shock allindividuals in the world.


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