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JournalReflection:WIT project

Deathis a natural process caused by many factors. So, Vivian, is it yourhealth condition that you fear most or do you fear that it mightresult in death? I strongly identify with the character of ProfessorBearing from the movie titled Wit. According to Margaret(2001),ProfessorBearing realizes that her life is at stake after being diagnosed withovarian cancer. Due to her fear of death, the professor, and herassociates conducted a study hoping they would develop a cure andsave her life. Their efforts in the search for a solution to hercondition did not bear fruit, and it was evident that she could notescape death. Professor Bearing and her associates did not realizethat no one could run away from death. It is only through assistancefrom a friend that she, at last, accepts that death is real and doesnot need to be feared. The professor gets to accept her humanlimitations and death as the final phase of life in this materialworld.

Inpraise and worship, I acquire the understanding that death is part oflife that was created by God. It is through this practice that deathseems to be friendlier and hence the believers have an easier timeaccepting the reality of mortality. Through praise and worship, onerealizes that death as the ultimate step in physical life and that weshould readily embrace it(Margaret,2001).Our human limitations are the major cause of death. Praise andworship offers hope that mortality is the beginning of another stageof eternity. Hence, people get the promise of a continuation inliving. Thus death no longer seems like the end of it all.

Thepoem &quotDeathbe not Proud, though some have called thee.&quotby John Donne creates a neutral picture of mortality. It portraysdeath as a medium that helps the people to acquire eternity. Hence,this changes the image of death as something unpleasant to “what Ineed to get what I want” with immortality as the ultimate goal. Thecomparison of mortality with some real life experiences such as sleepmakes death look even friendlier. It is because people gain the hopeof waking up in an immortal body one day after they die. The themesused to portray death in the movie and the poem, strengthen my senseof worship and praise.

Oneof the nursing care implications includes the respect of differentparadigms of patients’ care. The medical staff has collaboratedwith religious leaders to assist the patients overcome the fear ofdeath(Baker, 2010).Church groups and other personnel often visit the hospitals to offerhope and consolation to the patients. Through this practice, thepatients can overcome their predicaments on the notions of death asthey acquire the hope to live a more fulfilling life where they canno longer suffer. According to Baker(2010), somereligious people such as nuns have practiced nursing. They offerhealth services as well as spiritual advice about death to the ailingpatients to assist them to overcome their fear of mortality.

Anotherimplication is that nursing embraces multiple ways of thinking. Themedical field has trained professionals who help the diseasedfamilies to overcome the bitterness of the death of a loved one.These professionals try to instill reason among the societies. Theyreason with the people about the nature of death and raise theawareness that everyone will one day pass through the same process.Another implication concerns the ability of nursing to respond andobserve those forms of care which people prefer.


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