Is it important to teach children arts and humanities?

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Is it important toteach children arts and humanities?

Topic: Is it important to teach children the arts and humanities

Argument 1

Premise 1: Childrenneed the arts and humanities for them to develop into well-roundedindividuals.

Premise 2:childrenwill be less stressed if they are taught the arts and humanities.

Premise 3: Childrenwill be able to interact with their environment better if they learnthe arts and humanities.

Premise 4: Childrenwill be empowered with a variety of methods they can utilize toprocess information and express their understanding by learning thearts and humanities.

Conclusion: Childrenneed to be taught the arts and humanities.


The first premise isabout the development of well-rounded children. Teaching the arts andhumanities to children will increase their chances of excelling inlife as opposed to depending on the traditional careers such as lawand medicine. The second premise entails relieving stress inherent inthe process of the acquisition of knowledge. According to Uptis(2011), arts and humanities make the process of acquiring knowledgefun for the children. Premise three involves improving children’sinteraction with their environment. According to The U.S Departmentof Education (2011), arts and humanities equip children with skillsthat enable them to appreciate the other people’s culture,language, and history and this improves their interaction with theirenvironment. Premise four talks about equipping children withindependent thinking skills. Arts and humanities enable a child to bea free thinker. As opposed to the sciences, arts and humanities donot have specific methods and answers that children must memorize forthem to excel in these fields. Instead, each child is entitled tohis/her understanding of concepts learnt, and this means that he/sheis free to have a different opinion from the one held by his/herclassmates and teachers (Uptis, 2011). As such, it is important toteach the arts and humanities to children.

My argument is deductive because a generalization, in the form of aconclusion, of the premises is made upon the confirmation that theyare true. For example, children derive numerous benefits fromlearning the arts and humanities, and this makes it necessary forthem to be taught these subjects.


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