Inter-Professional Cooperation- Voluntary Nurse Turnover

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Inter-ProfessionalCooperation- Voluntary Nurse Turnover

Inmy practice setting, professionals are concerned much about thequality of services that patients receive. Since differentindividuals have varied skills and knowledge, the professionals haveformed small teams which have members from distinct fields. Theseteams are composed of one nurse, a physician, a medical laboratorytechnician, and two medical support personnel. They always ensurethat there is open communication among the members of the groups. Asa result, ideas become shared as well as nurturing cooperation. Also,the groups effectively use the skills that members have to make surethat patients get the best services. Also, the supervisors are verysupportive and are always ready to offer any assistance that teamsmay require.

Thefirst activity that can demonstrate inter-professional cooperation iswhen every health worker understands his or her role in relation toanother employee’s role. This means that health workers should knowthat their functions are complemented by the other professionals(Leathard,2004).Therefore, to demonstrate cooperation, every professional shouldcommunicate his/her role and responsibilities clearly to otherexperts as well as to patients and families. Another activity thatcan show inter-professional cooperation is inter-professionalcommunication competencies. Choosing effective communication toolsand techniques can help in facilitating good interactions amonghealth workers and enhance teamwork (Leathard,2004).

Inmy institution, inter-professional collaboration is establishedthrough forming working teams. Working as a team has helped theagency deliver quality services to patients since all theprofessionals in the organization use the skills and knowledge thatthey have towards improving the conditions of patients, as well asthe realization of the institution’s vision which is to providequality services to all patients by ensuring that all professionalswork together.


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