Informative Speech on Multiple Sclerosis

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InformativeSpeech on Multiple Sclerosis


  1. Did you know that Multiple Sclerosis occurs when there is something wrong with one’s immune system, and it starts attacking the healthy body parts, which in this condition are the spinal cord, brain, and nervous system (Riccio and Rossano)?

  2. The sickness comes about when the immune system attacks the myelin sheath, which is a layer of protection around the nerves. The invasion makes the immune system to disrupt the efficient flow of information in the nerves (Riccio and Rossano). Multiple Sclerosis (MS) targets the spinal cord and the brain, thereby, leading to a variety of challenges such as limb movements, problems with vision, balance or sensation. The actual cause of the illness is as debatable as its best treatment. There are four types of MS condition and none of them has a known cure. Furthermore, detection of the disease is also a problematic issue with most experts divided whether MRI can be used as a primary endpoint.

Thesis:MS is a genetic affiliated illness because the majority of patientsaffected have relatives suffering from the same condition and peoplein particular localities are the most susceptible to being infected.Furthermore, detection of the disease is also a problematic issuewith most experts divided whether MRI can be used as a primaryendpoint.


  1. There are over 2.3 million people affected by MS worldwide with over 400,000 cases in the US alone (Pietrangelo and Higuera). In most cases, MS syndrome affects men and women in the ratio of 2:1 respectively.

  2. Despite that the condition is not classified as an inherited disorder, there is a probability of genetic predisposition to the development of the ailment as around 15% of MS patients also have one or more relatives who suffer from the same (Pietrangelo and Higuera).

1.According to Dudani, Kalhan, and Sharma, MS is presumed to arise fromthe interplay of environmental risk factors and genetics.Interestingly, there is a direct correlation between Vitamin Ddeficiency and higher risks of MS (p.71).

2.It has been proven through studies that patients with elevated levelsof vitamin D had low vulnerability to MS compared to those withdeficient amounts of vitamin D (Dudani et al. 73).


1.The Caucasians are the most vulnerable to the MS condition. In astudy done on the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA), many people residingin Northern and Southern Europe have an allele that is associatedwith the development of MS (Goris and Dubois 647).

2. It is noteworthy that the number of affected by the condition hasincreased three times since 1970s. Researchers attribute theincreased number of people suffering from the condition to inheritedgenes from their ancestors (Goris and Dubois 647).


1.MS affects people in a given region. In a new study, the Queen MaryUniversity of London reports that immigrant from Africa and SouthAsia residing in Europe are more vulnerable to MS than theirrelatives in their respective homelands. As such, the researchersattribute the susceptibility to the change in environment (Queen MaryUniversity of London).

2.MS vulnerability is also determined by an individual’s ethnicity.In a case study conducted in London by the Queen Mary University ofLondon, the results indicated that both South Asians and Black peoplewho were residing in London were more likely to suffer from MS whencompared to the native Caucasians (Queen Mary University of London).

  1. In my opinion, it is important to be sure of the test before passing it on a sure test for MS. The development of an accurate experimentation procedure is beneficial for early detection of MS and its severity. Nevertheless, the researchers and professionals in the field should agree on a standard method of testing.

  2. Testing for MS is a contentious issue as its exact cause is unknown. The trials include blood evaluation, spinal fluid examination and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The application of MRIs currently presents the closest sure assessment for identification of the disease. However, there has been a debate whether the method is applicable as a primary endpoint. Most people who support the use of MRI believe in a correlation between activities of the disease and MRI lesions (Fitzpatrick). The application of MRI lesions as a representation of the disease’s activity is sufficient for the identification of primary endpoints in clinical trials. Conversely, those opposing the sufficiency of this approach claim that MRI was not enough to draw conclusions of presence of the disease as differences were resulting from MRI lesions when drawing conclusions (Fitzpatrick).


  1. MS is a chronic disorder that needs to be given high attention by the medical community considering that the number it affects increases steadily.

  1. Although it is a hard to live with the infection, several advancements have been made over the last two decades that have considerably improved the quality of life for MS patients. The malady is rarely fatal, but it can lead to death if it is left unchecked because its severity escalates.

  2. The medical community, therefore, needs to agree on a sure test for MS and its severity to give patients a fighting chance. However, one can live a fulfilling life even after being diagnosed with the illness.


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