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ManagementInformation System

Intensely,privacy laws are in constant state of flux due to the changingdynamics that are associated with the industry. Notably, there aredifferent legislations passed by various Congresses so as tostandardize the laws on the federal level (Serwin, 2013). Therefore,in April there was a proposal to protect consumers’ privacy whenusing broadband services. The implications of these new privacy lawsto the firms in the industry are several. The new laws increase thecompliance requirements that the companies have to adhere to as wellas subjecting them to hefty fines if there is an infringement of theset rules (Serwin, 2013). Even though these laws are to protect theconsumers, they are also scheduled to mislay as they will be requiredto provide more information, and there might be an increase inpricing some of the services rendered.

Yes,some of the products I use leverage artificial intelligence as theycan perform human based functions (Russell, 2010). The kinds of AIthat Netflix and the other companies will be using are neuraltechnology since it enables the system to operate like a brain oreven better.

Thedata that is collected can be useful to the company as it can be usedto predict customer’s preference this way, the company will beable to fulfill the clients need by providing the product and servicethat they require. With all the information that is collected, thecompany will be able to analyze the behaviors of potential customersand offer what is desired. As a result, this will create acompetitive advantage, as there will be more customer satisfactionand provision of customized experience as compared to the competitorswho don`t have the information required to know more about potentialclients.


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