Improving Health of Community Members

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ImprovingHealth of Community Members

ImprovingHealth of Community Members

Manyaspects influence the well-being of people living in a given locale.Several entities and individuals have a primary role to play in thecommunity to respond to the people’s health needs. As aprofessional nurse I am supposed to develop a framework through whichthe community members can assume a comprehensive approach toimproving their health conditions. I expect significant challenges inthe efforts to reform the approaches to health. Communities facehealth challenges including cost issues, poor services and lack ofinformation. These issues should be highlighted and solutionsdeveloped (Staley, 2014).

Thecommunity members lack information on ways of promoting good health.The strategy would help them reduce their susceptibility to risks.For example, the increased use of drugs is an indication that somemay not know the risk involved in using harmful substances. Also, theswelling number of obese persons depicts absence of vital nutritioninformation (Wurzbach, 2002).

Also,most people especially the poor living in rural areas do not have ahealth insurance cover hence cannot access quality medical services.As a nurse I would advocate for a public health care insurance planfrom the authorities responsible. This would enable many peopleaccess quality services at reduced costs (Hitchcock, Schubert, &ampThomas, 2003).

Asa nurse I would also emphasize on immunizations for on deadlydiseases like pneumonia and influenza. The move would help in curbingdeaths arising to such illnesses (Wurzbach, 2002). Another issue thataffects the community is poor environment in which the people live.As a nurse I would ensure there is less pollution in the area, byadvocating for a reduction of activities that lead to thecontamination of the surrounding. Reports shows that people living inrural areas or the ethnic minorities are more prone to environmenthazards which jeopardize their health (Eijken, 2007).

Inaddition, I would work towards dealing with emergencies such asserious injuries. The rationale for this is that amenities likeambulances are rare in such areas (Staley, 2014). The changes thatneed to be done to alleviate such incidents include fire preventionkinds of devices, workplace safety and coordinated response to theevents. Also in accidents and emergences, exercise need to beintroduced.


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